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Ideas and Actions

Ideas and Actions

von , Agehanada Bharati
Hardcover - 9789027977595
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Frontmatter -- Introduction / BHARATI, AGEHANANDA -- SECTION ONE -- Spirit Possession Belief and Social Structure / BOURGUIGNON, ERIKA -- Pastoral Images and Values in Southwest Donegal / CRAMER, EUGENIA S. -- Ritual and Religions: An Ethologically Oriented Formal Analysis / KEHOE, ALICE Β. -- The World/Nonworld Dichotomy / MAQUET, JACQUES -- Rituals of Community in an American Religious Youth Group Meeting / SCIOG, Ε. M. -- SECTION TWO -- Techniques of Control in the Esoteric Traditions of India and Tibet / BHARATI, AGEHANANDA -- Suffering as a Religious Imperative in Afghanistan / CANFIELD, ROBERT L. -- New Approaches to Religious Ethnology, Especially in Austria: Main Theses / CLOSS, ALOIS -- Religion and Ecology among the Great Basin Indians / HULTKRANTZ, ÅKE -- Hindu Ritual Idiom: Cosmic Perspective and Basic Orientations / SARAF, SAMARENDRA -- A Descriptive Analysis of the Content of Nepalese Buddhist Pūjās as a Medical-Cultural System with References to Tibetan Parallels / STABLEIN, WILLIAM -- Shamanism and World View: The Case of the Ainu of the Northwest Coast of Southern Sakhalin / OHNUKI-TIERNEY, EMIKO -- Rituals of Reversal as a Means of Rewiring Social Structure / VOGT, EVON Z. -- The Place of the Cactus Wine Ritual in the Papago Indian Ecosystem / WADDELL, JACK O. -- SECTION THREE -- The Violation of Taboo and Magical Power / MAKARIUS, LAURA -- A Rjonga Curing Ritual: A Causal and Motivational Analysis / MORRIS, MARTHA B. -- Synoptic Comments on Religion, Ethos, and Science in American Culture / JENNINGS, GEORGE J. -- In Search of the Miraculous at Zuni / TEDLOCK, DENNIS -- SECTION FOUR -- Signs and Symbols in Israeli Electioneering / DESHEN, SHLOMO -- Inward-Looking and Outward-Looking Symbols / HARRIS, GRACE -- Crosses and Souls / IWAŃSKA, ALICJA -- Dreams as Charismatic Significants: Their Bearing on the Rise of New Religious Movements / LANTERNARI, VITTORIO -- SECTION FIVE -- Moon and Reincarnation: Anthropogenesis as Imagined by the Surára and Pakidái Indians of Northwestern Brazil / BECHER, HANS -- Creative Process in Ritual Art: Piaroa Indians, Venezuela / BOGLÁR, LAJOS -- Krou Popular Traditions in the Ivory Coast / HOLAS, B. -- Religious Practices of a Mysore Village / KADETOTAD, Ν. K. -- A Multiple Burial Custom of Korea: Ch'obun / LEE, DU-HYUN -- Permanence of Traditional Rites in the Tunisian Marriage Ceremony Today: An Interpretational Approach / LOUIS, A. -- Aquatic Rites in the Danube Straits at the Iron Gates / IONESCU-MILCU, IOANA -- Folk Medicine in a Settlement of the Szekely People in the Southern Banat Region of Yugoslavia / PENAVIN, OLGA -- Belief and Cult in Human Prehistory / ROSIŃSKI, FRANCISZEK M. -- Animal Sacrifices in the Balkans / STAHL, ANCA -- The Mystery Play and the Carnival / STRATANOVICH, G. G. -- Mythic Elements of Petroglyph Sites in the Upper Ohio Valley / SWAUGER, JAMES L. -- Family Religion in Japan: the Ie and Its Religious Faith / TAKEDA, CHOSHU -- Relics of Paganism among the Baltic Peoples after the Introduction of Christianity / JURGINIS, J. M. -- Epilogue / SARAF, SAMARENDRA -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Januar 1976
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 43 mm
Gewicht 1058 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027977595
Auflage Reprint 2011
Seiten 548