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Household Constitution and Family Relationships

Household Constitution and Family Relationships

von , Nancy F. Cott
Hardcover - 9783598414565
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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- Household Constitution and Family Relationships -- The American Family in Past Time / DEMOS, JOHN -- Parental Power and Marriage Patterns: An Analysis of Historical Trends in Hingham, Massachusetts / SMITH, DANIEL SCOTT -- Family History and Demographic Transition / WELLS, ROBERT V. -- Naming, Kinship, and Estate Dispersal: Notes on Slave Family Life on a South Carolina Plantation, 1786 to 1833 / CODY, CHERYLL ANN -- “The Thing Not Its Vision”: A Woman’s Courtship and Her Sphere in the Southern Planter Class / STOWE, STEVEN M. -- A Slave Family in the Ante Bellum South / SCHWENINGER, LOREN -- Antebellum Southern Households: A New Perspective on a Familiar Question / FOX-GENOVESE, ELIZABETH -- Female Slaves: Sex Roles and Status in the Antebellum Plantation South / WHITE, DEBORAH G. -- Mother Love and Infant Death, 1750–1920 / DYE, NANCY SCHROM / SMITH, DANIEL BLAKE -- Wife Beating in Nineteenth-Century America / PLECK, ELIZABETH -- Family Limitation, Sexual Control, and Domestic Feminism in Victorian America / SMITH, DANIEL SCOTT -- The Origins of the Female-Headed Black Family: The Impact of the Urban Experience / FURSTENBERG, FRANK F. / HERSHBERG, THEODORE / MODELL, JOHN -- Feminist Implications of Mormon Polygyny / IVERSEN, JOAN -- Polygamy and the Frontier: Mormon Women in Early Utah / FOSTER, LAWRENCE -- Korean Women Pioneers of The Pacific Northwest / SUNOO, SONIA S. -- Loving Courtship or the Marriage Market? The Ideal and Its Critics 1871–1911 / HERMAN, SONDRA R. -- Women and Migration: Autonomous Female Migrants to Chicago, 1880–1930 / MEYEROWITZ, JOANNE -- Amerika Nodeshiko: Japanese Immigrant Women in the United States, 1900-1924 / ICHIOKA, YUJI -- Single Mothers and Child Neglect, 1880–1920 / GORDON, LINDA -- Demographic Change and the Life Cycles of American Families / WELLS, ROBERT V. -- Updating the Life Cycle of the Family / GLICK, PAUL C. -- Copyright Information -- Index


Verlag De Gruyter Saur
Ersterscheinung Oktober 1992
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 28 mm
Gewicht 811 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783598414565
Auflage Reprint 2012
Seiten 444