Historical Linguistics and Philology

Historical Linguistics and Philology

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Frontmatter -- Preface -- List of participants -- Paragraph 16 of Audacht Morainn: linguistic theory and philological evidence / AHLQVIST, ANDERS -- The missing link: the role of the lexicon / AITCHISON, JEAN -- Text as social indicator: the letters of Julia Miles Barnes / AUSTIN, FRANCES -- The development of discourse markers in English / BRINTON, LAUREL J. -- Localizing William of Palerne / BUNT, GERRIT Η. V. -- Philological studies and Mayan languages / CAMPBELL, LYLE -- Philology in America: Nahuatl: What loan words and the early descriptions of Nahuatl show about stress, vowel length, and glottal stop in sixteenth century Nahuatl and Spanish / CANGER, UNA -- Towards a dialectology of spoken Old French: the analysis of rhymes / DEES, ANTHONIJ -- The phonological status of long consonants in the Vernon manuscript of the Ancrene Riwle / DIENSBERG, BERNHARD -- Linguistic searchlights and philological buckets: a case study of their interdependence (the conceptual field of persuade/convince) / DILLER, HANS-JÜRGEN -- Syntactic and pragmatic principles as arguments in the interpretation of runic inscriptions / FAARLUND, JAN TERJE -- The relationship between punctuation and syntax in Middle Dutch / GERRITSEN, MARINEL -- Unhistorical features in Massachusett orthography / GODDARD, IVES -- The orthographic aspect of the runes / KNIEZSA, VERONIKA -- The object of philology and the object of linguistics / MAŃCZAK, WITOLD -- The occurrence of glosses in three Late Middle English texts: lexical variation / NEVANLINNA, SAARA -- On scribal errors: from the Old Saxon evidence / ODWARKA, KARL -- The last Vercelli homily: a sentence-analytical edition / PILCH, HERBERT -- Linguistics and philology: parametric changes and Romance possessives / POSNER, REBECCA -- On the happy reunion of English philology and historical linguistics / RISSANEN, MATTI -- The importance of fine points in spelling: deletion of accented vowels in Tocharian Β / WINTER, WERNER -- Index of authors -- Index of languages -- Backmatter

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