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Gesammelte Abhandlungen I

Gesammelte Abhandlungen I

von Carl Ludwig Siegel
Taschenbuch - 9783662488898
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From the Preface (K. Chandrasekharan, 1966): "The publication of this collection of papers is intended as a service to the mathematical community, as well as a tribute to the genius of CARL LUDWIG SIEGEL, who is rising seventy.In the wide range of his interests, in his capacity to uncover, to attack, and to subdue problems of great significance and difficulty, in his invention of new concepts and ideas, in his technical prowess, and in the consummate artistry of his presentation, SIEGEL resembles the classical figures of mathematics. In his combination of arithmetical, analytical, algebraical, and geometrical methods of investigation, and in his unerring instinct for the conceptual and structural, as distinct from the merely technical, aspects of any concrete problem, he represents the best type of modern mathematical thought. At once classical and modern, his work has profoundly influenced the mathematical culture of our time."Volume I includes Siegel's papers written between 1921 and 1937.


Verlag Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Ersterscheinung Dezember 2015
Ma├če 235 mm x 155 mm x 30 mm
Gewicht 855 Gramm
Format Taschenbuch
ISBN-13 9783662488898
Auflage 1. Aufl. 1966, Reprint 2015 of the 1966 edition
Seiten 572