Folklore in the Modern World

Folklore in the Modern World

Hardcover - 9789027977403
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von Richard M. Dorson, Richard M. Dorson (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- PART ONE -- Introduction / DORSON, RICHARD M. -- Folklore in the Modern World / DORSON, RICHARD M. -- SECTION ONE. Folklore and the City -- Migration and Urbanization of a Traditional Culture: An Italian Experience / BIANCO, CARLA -- An Oil Boom, Women, and Changing Traditions: A Study of Libyan Women in Benghazi / FIKRY, MONA -- The Impact of Urbanization on Shukriyya Life and Folk Poetry / HURREIZ, SAYYID -- Modern and Traditional Aspects of Somali Drama / ANDRZEJEWSKI, B. W. -- Aspects of the Folklore of the Jamaican Ethnic Minority in Britain: A Preliminary Consideration / NEWALL, VENETIA -- Culture Shock and Narrative Creativity / KIRSHENBLATT-GIMBLETT, BARBARA -- SECTION TWO. Folklore and Ideology -- Myth and Superstition in Communist China's Drama and Theater / MESERVE, WALTER J. / MESERVE, RUTH I. -- SECTION THREE. Folklore and the Mass Media -- The Wandering Infant-Noble Theme in Japanese Legends and Mass Media / ARAKI, HIROYUKO -- Influences of Mass Media on Folklore in Egypt / SALEH, AHMED RUSHDI -- Traditional Culture, Folklore, and Mass Culture in Contemporary Yugoslavia / RIHTMAN-AUGUsTIN, DUNJA -- SECTION FOUR. Folklore and Industrialism -- Tourist Archeofolklore in Greece / LOUKATOS, DEMETRIOS -- Syllogisms of Association: Some Modern Extensions of Asturian Deepsong / FERNANDEZ, JAMES W. -- Folklore and Culture Change: Lau Riddles of Modernization / MARANDA, ELLI KÖNGÄS -- PART TWO -- Introduction: Part Two / DORSON, RICHARD M. -- Folklore and Cultural Pluralism / ABRAHAMS, ROGER D. / KALCIK, SUSAN -- Oral Transmission of Knowledge / PENTIKÄINEN, JUHA -- The Crack on the Red Goblet or Truth and Modern Legend / DÉGH, LINDA / VÁZSONYI, ANDREW -- The Science in Folklore: The Case of Motif D1275 - "Magic Song" / KLYMASZ, ROBERT B. -- Verbal Art in Modern Rural Galicia / TOLOSANA, CARMELO LISON -- Conceptions of Fate in Stories Told by Greeks / GEORGES, ROBERT A. -- The Pragmatism of Herat Folk Theater / BAGHBAN, HAFIZULLAH -- The Modern Local Historian in Africa / BEN-AMOS, DAN -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

Tags: Soziologie

Hardcover - 9789027977403
Auflage: Reprint 2011
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