European Images of the Americas and the Classical Tradition

European Images of the Americas and the Classical Tradition

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von Wolfgang Haase, Reinhold Meyer (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- America and the Classical Tradition: Preface and Introduction / HAASE, WOLFGANG -- Contents -- I. SCHOLARLY AND LITERARY IMAGES OF THE NEW WORLD FROM THE TIME OF COLUMBUS TO THE PRESENT -- 1. GENERAL SUBJECTS -- Classical Models of World Geography and Their Transformation Following the Discovery of America / RANDLES, W. G. L. -- New World and "novos orbes": Seneca in the Renaissance Debate over Ancient Knowledge of the Americas / ROMM, JAMES -- The Adjustment of Ptolemaic Atlases to Feature the New World / DILKE, OSWALD A. W. / DILKE, MARGARET S. -- Classical Ethnography and Its Influence on the European Perception of the Peoples of the New World / MASON, PETER -- The Euhemerist Tradition and the European Perception and Description of the American Indians / LESTRINGANT, FRANK -- Myths and Legends in the Old World and European Expansionism on the American Continent / SÁNCHEZ, JEAN-PIERRE -- The Other World and the 'Antipodes'. The Myth of the Unknown Countries between Antiquity and the Renaissance / MORETTI, GABRIELLA -- The Amazon Myth and Latin America / MARCH, KATHLEEN N. / PASSMAN, KRISTINA ¿ . -- « El Dorado » and the Myth of the Golden Fleece / SÁNCHEZ, JEAN-PIERRE -- Classical Antiquity, America, and the Myth of the Noble Savage / CRO, STELIO -- Adveniat tandem Typhis qui detegat orbes COLUMBUS in Neo-Latin Epic Poetry (16th-18th Centuries) / HOFMANN, HEINZ -- The American Indians and the Ancients of Europe: The Idea of Comparison and the Construction of Historical Time in the 18th Century / IACONO, ALFONSO M . -- Backmatter

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