Ethnicity in the Americas

Ethnicity in the Americas

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Frontmatter -- Introduction / Henry, Frances -- Ethnicity as a Cultural System: An Introductory Essay / Aronson, Dan R. -- SECTION ONE: ETHNICITY IN CANADA -- Ethnic Relations and Ethnic Policies in Canadian Society / Burnet, Jean -- Language, Ethnicity, and the Problem of Identity in a Canadian Metropolis / Richmond, Anthony H. -- The Changing Political Consciousness of Nova Scotia Blacks and the Influence of Africville / Clairmont, Donald H. / Magill, Dennis W. -- American Molokans and Canadian Dukhobors: Economic Position and Ethnic Identity / Dunn, Ethel -- The Chinese Community in Canada Before 1947 and Some Recent Developments / Chow, W. S. -- SECTION TWO: ETHNICITY IN THE CARIBBEAN AND LATIN AMERICA -- Societal Segmentation and Jewish Ethnicity: Ethnographic Illustrations from Latin America and the Caribbean / Holzberg, C. S. -- Politics in an Artificial Society: The Case of Bermuda / Ryan, Selwyn D. -- The Role of Factionalism in Political Encapsulation: East Indian Villagers in Guyana / Silverman, Marilyn -- The Social Adjustment of Returned Migrants to Jamaica / Taylor, Edward -- Remnants of All Nations: Rastafarian Attitudes to Race and Nationality / Yawney, C. D. -- The Repairer of the Breach: Reverend Claudius Henry and Jamaican Society / Chevannes, A. Barrington -- The Fiesta of the Indian in Quibdó, Colombia / Friedemann, Nina S. De -- SECTION THREE: ETHNICITY IN THE UNITED STATES -- West Indian Radicalism in America: An Assessment of Ideologies / Forsythe, Dennis -- Humanism in Black Culture / Aschenbrenner, Joyce -- Survival as a Way of Life: Some Adaptive Mechanisms Contributing Toward the Perpetuation of Afro-American Culture / Mithun, J. S. -- The Resurgence of Ethnicity Among American Indians: Some Comments on the Occupation of Wounded Knee / Talbert, Carol -- Two Views of Ethnicity / Provinzano, James -- SECTION FOUR: DISCUSSION AND COMMENTARY -- Some Comments on Ethnicity in Canada / Gold, G. L. -- Some Comments on Race and Ethnicity in the Caribbean / Romalis, Coleman -- Some Comments on the Anthropology of Ethnicity in the United States / Hannerz, Ulf -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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