Empirical causality analysis in strategic planning

Empirical causality analysis in strategic planning

von Tobias Klatt
Taschenbuch - 9783869558806
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The plethora of possible planning variables in the companies environments require new approaches to cope with this information multitude in strategic planning. This book provides a solution to the problem based on three main insights. First, a comprehensive survey in hightech industries indicates a positive effect of the application of analytic tools to strategic planning outcomes. Second, an analytical procedure to detect and analyze time-dependent relationships between external planning factors and company target measures is developed. This empirical causality analysis is applied in several case studies to validate its applicability, reveal the procedure’s benefi ts, and illustrate the usage. The results show some unique benefi ts of this procedure which improve strategic planning by challenging prevalent subjective planning knowledge with objective empirical insights. Third, the developed empirical causality analysis procedure is holistically integrated in the strategic planning process to comprehensively support an analytical-rational decision-making style. Altogether, this book offers crucial scientifi c as well as practical insights on the improvement of strategic planning execution by the application of empirical causality analyses.


Verlag Cuvillier Verlag
Ersterscheinung September 2011
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ISBN-13 9783869558806
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