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von , Nancy F. Cott
Hardcover - 9783598414664
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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- Education -- Equally Their Due: The Education of the Planter Daughter in the Early Republic / CLINTON, CATHERINE -- Mask of Oppression: The Female Seminary Movement in the United States / MELDER, KEITH -- What, Then, is the American: This New Woman? / SCOTT, ANNE FIROR -- The Ever Widening Circle: The Diffusion of Feminist Values from the Troy Female Seminary, 1822–1872 / SCOTT, ANNE FIROR -- “Embodied Selves”: The Rise and Development of Concern for Physical Education, Active Games and Recreation for American Women, 1776–1865 / PARK, ROBERTA J. -- Coeducation of the Sexes at Oberlin College: A Study of Social Ideas in Mid-Nineteenth-Century America / HOGELAND, RONALD W. -- The Impact of the “Cult of True Womanhood” on the Education of Black Women / PERKINS, LINDA M. -- Self-Help Programs As Educative Activities of Black Women in the South, 1895–1925: Focus on Four Key Areas / NEVERDON-MORTON, CYNTHIA -- Domestication As Reform: A Study of the Socialization of Wayward Girls, 1856–1905 / BRENZEL, BARBARA -- Sex, Science and Education / TRECKER, JANICE LAW -- Homeopathy and Sexual Equality: The Controversy over Coeducation at Cincinnati’s Pulte Medical College, 1873–1879 / BARLOW, WILLIAM / POWELL, DAVID O. -- Expansion and Exclusion: A History of Women in American Higher Education / GRAHAM, PATRICIA ALBJERG -- Educating Indian Girls at Nonreservation Boarding Schools, 1878–1920 / TRENNERT, ROBERT A. -- Guest Editorial: The Impact of Black Women in Education: An Historical Overview / COLLIER-THOMAS, BETTYE -- Young Women and the City: Adolescent Deviance and the Transformation of Educational Policy, 1870–1960 / SEDLAK, MICHAEL W. -- Doctorates for American Women, 1868–1907 / ROSSITER, MARGARET W. -- Here Was Fellowship: A Social Portrait of Academic Women at Wellesley College, 1895–1920 / PALMIERI, PATRICIA A. -- Women’s Colleges and Domesticity, 1875–1918 / WEIN, ROBERTA -- “After College, What?”: New Graduates and the Family Claim / ANTLER, JOYCE -- Opportunity and Fulfillment: Sex, Race, and Class in Health Care Education / HINE, DARLENE CLARK -- Black Women and Higher Education: Spelman and Bennett Colleges Revisited / GUY-SHEFTALL, BEVERLY -- It Might Have Been Euthenics: The Lake Placid Conferences and the Home Economics Movement / WEIGLEY, EMMA SEIFRIT -- Copyright Information -- Index


Verlag De Gruyter Saur
Ersterscheinung Dezember 1993
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 30 mm
Gewicht 868 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783598414664
Auflage Reprint 2012
Seiten 484