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Early Native Americans: Prehistoric Demography, Economy, and Technology

Early Native Americans: Prehistoric Demography, Economy, and Technology

Hardcover - 9789027979407
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Frontmatter -- SECTION ONE. Pleistocene Man in North America -- Introduction -- The Calico Mountains Site: Pleistocene Archaeology in the Mojave Desert, California / SIMPSON, RUTH DEE -- The Metate: An Early Grain-Grinding Implement in the New World / CARTER, GEORGE F. -- Wisconsin and Pre-Wisconsin Stone Industries of New York State and Related Tools from a Shop Site near Tula, Mexico / STAGG, RONALD M. / VERNON, WILLIAM W. / RAEMSCH, BRUCE E. -- The Trimmed-Core Tradition in Asiatic-American Contacts / DRAGOO, DON W. -- Fractured Cherts from Pleistocene Fossiliferous Beds at Medicine Hat, Alberta / REEVES, Β. Ο. Κ. -- The California Coastal Region: Its Late Pleistocene and Holocene Climate and Function as an Ice Age Refugium / JOHNSON, DONALD L. -- SECTION TWO. Microblade Traditions and Migrations -- Introduction -- Early Migrations to America in the Light of a Study of the Dyuktai Paleolithic Culture in Northeast Asia / MOCHANOV, JU. A. -- Concerning the Cultural Contacts Between Asia and America in the Late Paleolithic / ABRAMOVA, Z. A. -- Fluted Points at the Batza Téna Obsidian Source, Northwestern Interior Alaska / CLARK, DONALD W. / McFADYEN CLARK, A. -- Late Paleolithic Cultures in Alaska / WEST, FREDERICK HADLEIGH -- Microblades and Prehistory: Technological and Cultural Considerations for the North Pacific Coast / ACKERMAN, ROBERT E. -- SECTION THREE. Paleodemography -- Introduction -- An Ecological Interpretation of Variation in Mortality Within Three Prehistoric American Indian Populations From Dickson Mounds / LALLO, JOHN / ROSE, JEROME CARL / ARMELAGOS, GEORGE J. -- Patterns of Microscopic Bone Remodeling in Three Aboriginal American Populations / ERICKSEN, MARY F. -- Epigenetic Distance: A Study of Biological Variability in the Lower Illinois River Region / BUIKSTRA, JANE E. -- A Sample of Northern North American Hunter-Gatherers and the Malthusian Thesis: An Explicitly Quantified Approach / CASTEEL, RICHARD W. -- SECTION FOUR. Later Cultural Adaptations and Technological Studies -- Introduction -- Prehistoric Diet and Parasites in the Desert West of North America / FRY, G. F. -- Prehistoric Basketry of Western North America and Mexico / ADOVASIO, J. M. -- The Introduction, Use, and Technology of Fiber-Tempered Pottery in the Southeastern United States / PETERSON, DREXEL A. -- Coding and Cluster Analysis of Wisconsin Ceramics / HURLEY, WILLIAM M. -- The Temple Town Community: Cahokia and Amalucan Compared / FOWLER, MELVIN L. -- An Interpretation of the Two-Climax Model of Illinois Prehistory / HALL, ROBERT L. -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung April 1980
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 39 mm
Gewicht 975 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027979407
Auflage Reprint 2011
Seiten 496