Early Childhood Intervention: Theory, Evaluation, and Practice

Early Childhood Intervention: Theory, Evaluation, and Practice

Hardcover - 9783110154108
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Frontmatter -- Preface -- Contributors -- Contents -- Introduction / Brambring, Michael -- Part One. International Perspectives: Models, Systems, and Practices of Early Intervention -- Early Intervention in the USA: Programs, Models, and Practices / Dunst, Carl J. -- Early Intervention in Germany / Klein, Gerhard -- Early Intervention in Sweden / Janson, Ulf -- Early Intervention in Russia / Usanova, Olga -- Part Two. Developmental Assessment, Risk Factors, and Outcomes -- Prognostic Significance of Risk Factors, Neonatal Imaging Findings, and Early Neurodevelopmental Assessments / Largo, Remo H. / von Siebenthal, Kurt -- A Developmental Screening Questionnaire for Five-Year-Olds / Schlack, Hans G. / Ohrt, ¿. / Largo, R. ¿. / Michaelis, R. / Neuhäuser, G. -- Diachronic Developmental Assessment of Mentally Handicapped Young Children / Rauh, Hellgard / Schellhas, B. / Goeggerle, S. / Müller, B. -- The Significance of Biological and Psychosocial Risks for Preschool-Age Behavior Problems / Esser, Günter / Laucht, Manfred / Schmidt, Martin H. -- Part Three. Family and the Early Intervention Process -- The Service System and its Effects on Families: An Ecological Perspective / Beckman, Paula J. -- Family Expectations, Encounters, and Needs / Simeonsson, Rune J. -- Parenting Stress in Early Intervention / Sarimski, Klaus -- Family Dynamics and Development in Children at Risk / Neuhäuser, Gerhard -- Social Support and Coping in Families of Children at Risk for Developmental Disabilities / Trivette, Carol M. / Dunst, Carl J. / Hamby, Deborah -- Preschool Integration or: Who is Afraid of Little Jessica? / Chatelanat, Gisela -- Part Four. Planning and Evaluation of Early Intervention -- Recent Trends and Issues in Program Evaluation in Early Intervention / Sheehan, Robert / Snyder, Scott -- Using Assessment Outcomes for Intervention Planning: A Necessary Relationship / Bricker, Diane -- How to Detect Effects? Power and Clinical Significance in Early Intervention Research / Ottenbacher, Kenneth J. -- Meta-Analyses of Early Intervention: A Methodological and Content-Related Evaluation / Beelmann, Andreas -- Supportive Organizational Variables in Early Intervention Centers: Empirical Results and Recommendations / Peterander, Franz / Speck, Otto -- Part Five. Practice of Early Intervention -- Early Intervention for Low-Birthweight, Premature Infants: Findings From the Infant Health and Development Program / Fewell, Rebecca R. -- Enhancing Communication in Early Childhood / Dijkxhoorn, Yvette M. / van Berckelaer-Onnes, I. A. / van der Ploeg, D. -- Early Intervention With Blind Children: Main Findings of the Bielefeld Longitudinal Study / Brambring, Michael -- Promoting Peer-Related Social Competence of Young Children With Disabilities / Odom, Samuel L. / McConnell, Scott R. -- Reduced Complexity of Input: A Basic Principle of Early Intervention in Information-Processing Problems? / Brack, Udo ¿. -- Early Childhood Intervention Through Play / Oerter, Rolf -- Preparing Early Intervention Professionals for the 21st Century / Bailey, Don -- Subject Index -- Backmatter


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