Domestic Relations and Law

Domestic Relations and Law

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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- Domestic Relations and Law -- Women and Property in South Carolina: The Evidence from Marriage Settlements, 1730 to 1830 / SALMON, MARYLYNN -- "Smiling Through Her Tears": Ante-Bellum Southern Women and Divorce / CENSER, JANE TURNER -- The Political and Civil Status of Women in Georgia, 1783-1860 / BOATWRIGHT, ELEANOR M. -- "An Act for the Relief of Females...": Divorce and the Changing Legal Status of Women in Tennessee, 1796-1860, Part I / GOODHEART, LAWRENCE B. / HANKS, NEIL / JOHNSON, ELIZABETH -- "An Act far the Relief of Females...": Divorce and the Changing Legal Status of Women in Tennessee Part II / GOODHEART, LAWRENCE B. / HANKS, NEIL / JOHNSON, ELIZABETH -- The Mississippi Married Women's Property Act of 1839 / MONCRIEF, SANDRA -- Invisible Women: The Legal Fiction of Marital Unity in Nineteenth-Century America / BASCH, NORMA -- Married Women's Property Law: 1800-1850 / CHUSED, RICHARD H. -- Radical Reconstruction and the Property Rights of Southern Women / LEBSOCK, SUZANNE D. -- Apart but Not Adrift: Wives, Divorce, and Independence in California, 1850-1890 / GRISWOLD, ROBERT L. -- Law, Sex, Cruelty, and Divorce in Victorian America, 1840-1900 / GRISWOLD, ROBERT L. -- Who Gets the Child? Custody, Guardianship, and the Rise of a Judicial Patriarchy in Nineteenth-Century America / GROSSBERG, MICHAEL -- Late Nineteenth Century Married Women's Property Law: Reception of the Early Married Women's Property Acts by Courts and Legislatures / CHUSED, RICHARD H. -- Reynolds v. United States: Nineteenth-Century Forms of Marriage and the Status of Women / WEISBROD, CAROL / SHEINGORN, PAMELA -- Divorce in the Progressive Era / O'NEILL, WILLIAM L. -- The Pressure to Provide: Class, Consumerism, and Divorce in Urban America, 1880-1920 / MAY, ELAINE TYLER -- Copyright Information -- Index

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