Domestic Ideology and Domestic Work

Domestic Ideology and Domestic Work

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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- Domestic Ideology and Domestic Work -- American Feminine Ideals in Transition: The Rise of the Moral Mother, 1785-1815 / BLOCH, RUTH H. -- To Earn Her Daily Bread: Housework and Antebellum Working-Class Subsistence / BOYDSTON, JEANNE -- The Cult of True Womanhood: 1820-1860 / WELTER, BARBARA -- Sentimental Womanhood and Domestic Education, 1830-1870 / BUNKLE, PHILLIDA -- Women Shoeworkers and Domestic Ideology: Rural Outwork in Early Nineteenth-Century Essex County / BLEWETT, MARY H. -- The Domestic Balance of Power: Relations Between Mistress and Maid in Nineteenth-Century New England / LASS, CAROL -- Freedom's Yoke: Gender Conventions among Antebellum Free Blacks / HORTON, JAMES OLIVER -- Women's Perspective on the Patriarchy in the 1850s / SCOTT, ANNE FIROR -- Separate Spheres, Female Worlds, Woman's Place: The Rhetoric of Women's History / KERBER, LINDA K. -- Household Values, Women s Work, and Economic Growth 1800-1930 / BROWNLEE, W. ELLIOT -- American Women and Domestic Consumption, 1800-1920: Four Interpretive Themes / GORDON, JEAN / McARTHUR, JAN -- Women as Workers, Women as Civilizers: True Womanhood in the American West / JAMESON, ELIZABETH -- Cloth, Butter and Boarders: Women's Household Production for the Market / JENSEN, JOAN M. -- 'The Sphinx in the Household': A New Look at the History of Household Workers / BERCH, BETTINA

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