Diversion and Informal Social Control

Diversion and Informal Social Control

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von Günter Albrecht, Wolfgang Ludwig-Mayerhofer (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- Preface / Albrecht, Günter -- Contents -- Contributors -- Part I: Theoretical Perspectives -- Introduction to Part I: Theoretical Perspectives -- The Idea of Prevention and the Critique of Instrumental Reason / Steinert, Heinz -- Diversion in the Juvenile Justice System and a Sociological Theory of Social Control / Horwitz, Allan V. -- Diversion and Social Control: Alternative Measures of Crime Control / Reiss, Albert J. -- Diversionary Tactics: A Rational Choice Approach / Cornish, Derek -- Part II: Diversion and the Juvenile Justice System -- Introduction to Part II: Diversion and the Juvenile Justice System -- The Impact and Role of Juvenile Diversion in the United States / Schwartz, Ira M. -- Sentence Without Conviction. Notes on Diversion from the Juvenile Court in the Federal Republic of Germany / Ludwig-Mayerhofer, Wolfgang -- Radical Social Change and Diversion: Problems With Diversion-Oriented Crime Policy in the Critical Transformation of Social Structures and Changes in the Living Conditions of Adolescents / Korfes, Gunhild -- Part III: Alternative Sanctions: Theoretical Ideas and Empirical Results -- Introduction to Part III: Alternative Sanctions: Theoretical Ideas and Empirical Results -- Diversion, Reintegrative Shaming and Republican Criminology / Braithwaite, John -- Diversion in German Juvenile Justice: Its Practice, Impact, and Penal Policy Implications / Heinz, Wolfgang -- Diversion in Juvenile Justice: Theoretical Expectations and Preliminary Results of a Treatment Outcome Evaluation of Juvenile Offenders / Albrecht, Günter -- Part IV: Diversion, Social Work, and Restitution -- Introduction to Part IV: Diversion, Social Work, and Restitution -- Diversion? It Depends on What We Divert to: Some Comments on Diversion and the Restorative Alternatives / Walgrave, Lode -- Concentration on the Wrong Offender Groups: An Assessment of Current Mediation and Restitution Programs / Weitekamp, Elmar -- Measurements of Net-Widening / Ezell, Mark -- Alternative Social Work: Informalization of Social Control in the Field of Juvenile Delinquency - An Empirical Study / Otto, Hans-Uwe -- Informal Justice and Communication: The Case of Diversion and Victim-Offender Mediation / Messmer, Heinz -- Diversion and Extrajudicial Programs: Preventive Claims and the Decision-making Process / Bettmer, Franz -- A Discrete Outcome-Model to Measure Net-Widening Effects / Micheel, Heinz-Günter -- Evaluation of Diversion Program Concepts / Plewig, Hans-Joachim -- Fantasy and the Embodied Moral Capital: Children's Moral Judgments of Crime and Criminals / Lissenberg, Elisabeth -- Part V: Legal Aspects of Diversion -- Introduction to Part V: Legal Aspects of Diversion -- Diversion and Constitutional Crime Policy / Backes, Otto -- Efficiency Interests and the "Rule of Law" in Informal Proceedings / Voss, Michael -- The Incompatibility of Treatment and Punishment / Frehsee, Detlev -- Forms of De Facto Decriminalization: Diversion and Defense / Barton, Stephan -- Juvenile-Specific Forms of Decriminalization / Rössner, Dieter -- Self-incrimination Privilege and Police Interrogation: A Comparative View / Ransiek, Andreas -- Subject Index -- Author Index

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