Discourse and Inference in Cognitive Anthropology: An Approach to Psychic Unity and Enculturation

Discourse and Inference in Cognitive Anthropology: An Approach to Psychic Unity and Enculturation

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von Marvin D. Loflin, James Silverberg (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- Preface -- PART ONE: Discourse-Level Analysis -- Discourse and Inference in Cognitive Anthropology / LOFLIN, MARVIN D. -- PART TWO: Types of Discourse-Level Research -- Trans-Cultural Logic: Testing Hypotheses in Three Languages / HAMILL, JAMES F. -- The Synthetic Informant Model on the Simulation of Large Lexical/Semantic Fields / WERNER, OSWALD -- Formal Organization and Symbolic Representation in Lévi-Strauss / DE LAURETIS, TERESA -- Plot Component and Symbolic Component in Extended Discourse / COLBY, ¿. N. -- A Linguistic Model for Narrative Analysis / IKEGAMI, YOSHIHIKO -- A Note on the Partial Equivalence of Text Grammars and Context Grammars / VAN DIJK, TEUN A. -- Transitional Dependencies in Informal Discourse Varieties / OKBY, ¿. -- Rules and Language / BOGUSLAWSKI, ANDRZEJ -- Situational Signs and Social Attentiveness: The Conception of Reality Among a Group of Sicilian Illiterates / GALLI, MATILDE CALLARI / HARRISON, GUALTIERO -- PART THREE: Problems in Explanation -- Toward the Unification of Scientific Explanation: Evidence from Biological, Psychic, Linguistic, Cultural Universals / ROSSI, INO -- Problems in Determining the Universality of Inference-making / POLLNAC, RICHARD B. -- Do Anthropologists Explain? / SARANA, GOPALA -- PART FOUR: Universality of Inference -- Psychogenesis from Lowest Organisms to Man / RENSCH, BERNHARD -- The Scientific Discovery of Logic: The Anthropological Significance of Empirical Research on Psychic Unity (Inference-making) / SILVERBERG, JAMES -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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