Dilemmas of Law in the Welfare State

Dilemmas of Law in the Welfare State

Hardcover - 9783110104950
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von Gunther Teubner, Gunther Teubner (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- Foreword -- I Introduction -- The Transformation of Law in the Welfare State / TEUBNER, GUNTHER -- II The Welfare State and its Impact on Law -- Legal Culture and the Welfare State / FRIEDMAN, LAWRENCE M. -- The Rule of Law and the Promotional Function of Law in the Welfare State / AUBERT, VlLHELM -- A Concept of Social Law / EWALD, FRANÇOIS -- Legal Subjectivity as a Precondition for the Intertwinement of Law and the Welfare State / BROEKMAN, JAN M. -- III Dilemmas of Law in the Welfare State -- The Self-Reproduction of Law and its Limits / LUHMANN, NIKLAS -- The Rules of the Game in the Welfare State / FEBBRAJO, ALBERTO -- The Concept of Rights and the Welfare State / PREUSS, ULRICH ¿. -- Legal Discourse in the Positive State: A Post-Structuralist Account / HELLER, THOMAS C. -- IV Perspectives of Legal Development -- Law as Medium and Law as Institution / HABERMAS, JÜRGEN -- Materialization and Proceduralization in Modern Law / WIETHÖLTER, RUDOLF -- Law as Critical Discussion / PETERS, ANTONIE A. G. -- Three Types of Legal Structure: The Conditional, the Purposive and the Relational Program / WILLKE, HELMUT -- After Legal Instrumentalism? Strategie Models of Post-Regulatory Law / TEUBNER, GUNTHER -- Authors' Biographical Sketches -- Name Index -- Subject Index

Tags: Recht, Internationales Recht, Ausländisches Recht

Hardcover - 9783110104950
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