Design and Optimization of UWB Antennas: for WPAN Applications

Design and Optimization of UWB Antennas: for WPAN Applications

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Providing up-to-date material for UWB antennas used in a wide variety of applications, "Design and Optimization of Ultra-wideband Antennas " includes fundamental theory, practical design information and extensive discussion of UWB applications such as WPAN and wireless communications. The text includes different antennas which radiate in UWB range of 7.5 GHZ. The topics covered are approached with the aim of helping practising engineers to view the subject from a different angle, and to consider items as variables that were treated as constants in narrowband and wideband systems. . Features tables of propagation data, photographs of antenna systems and graphs of results (e.g. radiation patterns, propagation characteristics) . Provides a description of the underlying concepts for the design of antennas for ultra-wideband systems . It includes Literature review of the designs of UWB Antennas from the past 13 years The book highlights the unique design issues of using ultra-wideband and will serve both as an introductory text and a reference guide for designers and students alike.

Tags: Technik, Elektronik, Elektrotechnik, Nachrichtentechnik

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