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Cultures of the Future

Cultures of the Future

Hardcover - 9789027979797
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Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- Foreword / TOFFLER, ALVIN -- Introduction / MARUYAMA, MAGOROH -- SECTION ONE The Future as a New Dimension of Anthropology -- The Contribution of Anthropology to the Science of the Future / MEAD, MARGARET -- Futuristics and the Imaging Capacity of the West / BOULDING, ELISE -- Toward Human Futuristics / MARUYAMA, MAGOROH -- SECTION TWO Anthropological Insights for Social Policy: Western View -- The Possible and the Desirable: Population and Environmental Problems / POLGAR, STEVEN -- The Prehistory of Homo sapiens: Touchstone for the Future / GIFFORD, JAMES C. -- Ecosystems and Economic Systems / WILDEN, ANTHONY -- Futurism in Man: Humanism, Social Technology, and Survival / HARKINS, ARTHUR M. -- SECTION THREE Anthropological Insights for Social Policy: Third World Views -- The Concept of Heterogeneity and Change Among the Mandenka / CAMARA, SORY -- Resistance to Early Western Education in Eastern Nigeria / NWA-CHIL, CHUDI C. -- The Relevance of African Traditional Medicine in Modern Medical Training and Practice / NDETI, KIVUTO -- Managing the Ecosystem of World Nations / GHABBOUR, SAMIR I. -- Social Determinism and Social Change: An Analysis of Alternatives for the Future Development of Papua New Guinea / MOULIK, Τ. K. -- Discussions: Chicago -- Discussions: Frascati -- SECTION FOUR Conceptualization of the Future in Various Cultures -- Past and Future Culture Change: A Quest for Variant Explanations / MCKNIGHT, ROBERT Κ. -- Ideas Concerning Maya Concepts of the Future / GIFFORD, JAMES C. -- Traditional Greek Conceptions of the Future / WESCOTT, ROGER W. -- The Future in the Past: Toward a Utopian Syntax / VLACHOS, EVAN -- SECTION FIVE Anthropological Perspectives of Social Movements and Cultural Trends -- Fumbling Freely into the Future / GERLACH, LUTHER P. -- Familism and the Creation of Futures / BOULDING, ELISE -- Cultural Heterogeneity in Social Systems: Its Policy Implications / SHUMAN, JACK N. -- SECTION SIX Perception, Action, Research Paradigm, and Policy Design -- Toward Polyocular Anthropology / JACOBS, SUE-ELLEN -- Symbiotization of Cultural Heterogeneity: Scientific, Epistemological, and Aesthetic Bases / MARUYAMA, MAGOROH -- Ways of Perceiving Oneself in Urban Planning Interaction / BACON, EDMUND -- SECTION SEVEN Education for the Future -- "The Anthropology of the Future" as an Academic Discipline / WESCOTT, ROGER W. -- Futurizing the Power Industry / HARKINS, ARTHUR M. / WOODS, RICHARD G. / SHERARTS, I. KAREN / IMSLAND, DONALD O. -- SECTION EIGHT Future Cultural Alternatives: Imaginative Use of Anthropology -- A Future History / BENELLO, C. GEORGE -- Univaria / KEUR, DOROTHY L. / LADUE, RUSSELL -- A Socialist Alternative for the Future / RUYLE, EUGENE E. -- The State of Anthropology Today: A Comment / LEFFERTS, H. L. -- APPENDIX -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Dezember 1978
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 53 mm
Gewicht 1291 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027979797
Auflage Reprint 2011
Seiten 692