Cultural Continuity in Mesoamerica

Cultural Continuity in Mesoamerica

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Frontmatter -- PART ONE: Early Man in Mesoamerica and the Agricultural Basis -- Introduction -- Summary of Archaeological Evidence from the Valsequillo Region, Puebla, Mexico / IRWIN-WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA -- The Origin of Zea mays / BEADLE, GEORGE W. -- PART TWO: Exchange Networks -- Introduction -- Obsidian Exchange Networks: Inferences and Speculations on the Development of Social Organization in Formative Mesoamerica / WHEELER ¿IRES-FERREIRA, JANE -- Shell Exchange Networks in Formative Mesoamerica / WHEELER PIRES-FERREIRA, JANE -- Mössbauer Spectral Analysis of Olmec Iron Ore Mirrors: New Evidence of Formative Period Exchange Networks in Mesoamerica / WHEELER PIRES-FERREIRA, JANE / EVANS, BILLY JOE -- The Significance of the "Epiclassic" Period in Mesoamerican Prehistory / WEBB, MALCOLM C. -- Ports of Trade in Mesoamerica: A Reappraisal / BERDAN, FRANCIS FREI -- PART THREE: Ethnographic Contributions to Prehistory -- Introduction -- The Ancient Maya in Light of Their Ethnographic Present / GIFFORD, JAMES C. -- Ideas Concerning Maya Concepts of the Future / GIFFORD, JAMES C. -- Ethnographic Realities of Mayan Prehistory / HOWRY, JEFFREY C. -- Mesoamericans as Cultural Brokers in Northern New Spain / HOBGOOD, JOHN / RILEY, CARROLL L. -- PART FOUR: Painting, Hieroglyphs, Ceramics, and Mythology -- Introduction -- Toward the Reconstruction of the Olmec Mythological System / KINZHALOV, R. V. -- Maya and Teotihuacán Traits in Classic Maya Vase Painting of the Petén / QUIRARTE, JACINTO -- The Aztec System of Writing: Problems of Research / GALARZA, JOAQUÍN -- The Deciphering of Glyphs Representing Mexica Governmental Titles / OLEA, HORACIO CORONA -- The Aztec Day Names / LANDAR, HERBERT -- The Relationship Between Painting and Scripts / ELLIOTT, JORGE -- Petroglyphs of the Antilles / BULLEN, RIPLEY P. -- Contribution to the Study of Cultural Sequences in the Central Area of Costa Rica / AGUILAR, CARLOS H. -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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