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Contributions to Comparative Mythology: Studies in Linguistics and Philology, 1972-1982

Contributions to Comparative Mythology: Studies in Linguistics and Philology, 1972-1982

Hardcover - 9783110106176
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Frontmatter -- PART ONE: CONTRIBUTIONS TO COMPARATIVE MYTHOLOGY -- Slavic Gods and Demons -- Linguistic Evidence in Comparative Mythology -- The Slavic God VelesЪ and His Indo-European Cognates -- Древнеармянский ВахаГн в свете сравнительной мифологии -- A. PHONOLOGICAL AND MORPHOLOGICAL STUDIES -- An Instance of Interconnection between the Distinctive Features / JAKOBSON, R. / WAUGH, L. R. -- Mutual Assimilation of Russian Voiced and Voiceless Consonants -- The Primary Syntactic Split and Its Corollary -- Spatial Relationships in Slavic Adjectives -- Notes on the Declension of Pronouns in Contemporary Russian -- B. CRUCIAL QUESTIONS OF LINGUISTIC THEORY -- Verbal Communication -- The Fundamental and Specific Characteristics of Human Language -- Communication and Society -- Language and Culture -- Metalanguage as a Linguistic Problem -- Mark and Feature -- Structuralisme et Téléologie -- On Aphasic Disorders from a Linguistic Angle -- The Grammatical Buildup of Child Language -- On the Linguistic Approach to the Problem of Consciousness and the Unconscious -- Brain and Language: Cerebral Hemispheres and Linguistic Structure in Mutual Light -- The Evasive Initial -- C. TOWARDS A NOMOTHETIC SCIENCE OF LANGUAGE -- Glosses on the Medieval Insight into the Science of Language -- A Glance at the Development of Semiotics -- The World Response to Whitney's Principles of Linguistic Science -- La première lettre de Ferdinand de Saussure à Antoine Meillet sur les anagrammes -- A Few Remarks on Peirce, Pathfinder in the Science of Language -- Einstein and the Science of Language -- The Twentieth Century in European and American Linguistics: Movements and Continuity -- Toward the History of the Moscow Linguistic Circle -- Очередные задачи общей лингвистики -- Pëtr Bogatyrëv (29.I.93—18.VIII.71): Expert in Transfiguration -- По поводу книги Н. С. Трубецкого “Европа и человечество”. -- The Immediate Quests and Accomplishments of Comparative Linguistics -- D. PHILOLOGICAL GLEANINGS -- When a Falcon has Molted -- Goroun's Urn -- The Etymology of Grib (E. Sl. Fungus, W. Sl. Boletus). -- E. POETICS -- Andrew Marvell's Poem To His Coy Mistress -- Deržavin's Last Poem and M. Halle's First Literary Essay -- Игра в Аду у Пушкина и Хлебникова -- From Aljagrov's Letters -- Из комментария к стихам Маяковского "Товарищу Нетте – пароходу и человеку” -- PART THREE: RETROSPECTIONS -- My Favorite Topics -- On the Dialectics of Language -- List of Illustrations -- Index of Names -- Index of Languages Discussed -- Index of Subjects -- Index of Mythological Names -- Index of Mythological Motifs


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung August 1985
Maße 236 mm x 164 mm x 35 mm
Gewicht 836 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783110106176
Auflage Reprint 2010
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