Community, Self and Identity

Community, Self and Identity

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von Bhabagrahi Misra, James Preston (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- Introduction / MISRA, BHABAGRAHI / PRESTON, JAMES J. -- SECTION ONE Community in South Asian Cultures -- Gods, Kings, and the Caste System in India / MAHAPATRA, L. K. -- Commercial Economy of an Urban Temple in India: A Shift from Inheritance to Consignment Rights / PRESTON, JAMES J. -- The Indian Caste Community as a Social System / KUDRYAVTSEV, ¿. K. -- Social Cohesion and Reciprocation in a Tibetan Community in Nepal / AZIZ, ¿. N. -- SECTION TWO Cultures of the Soviet Union -- Interaction of Cultures Among Peoples of the USSR / ARUTYUNYAN, YU. V. -- Development of Traditional Aspects of National Culture in the Soviet Central Asian Republics / DJAMGHERCHINOV, B. D. -- SECTION THREE Community and World Judaism -- The Jews as an Ethnic Group in the Americas During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries / LIEBMAN, SEYMOUR B. -- Ancestor Memorialism: A Comparison of Jews and Japanese / WIMBERLEY, HOWARD / SAVISHINSKY, JOEL -- Some Functional and Structural Aspects of Family Life in a Communal Society: The Financial Sector of the Kibbutz Family / SELIER, FRITS J. M. -- Jewish Communities as Cultural Units / ZENNER, WALTER P. -- SECTION FOUR Communal Society in America -- Eschatological Living: Religious Experience in the Shaker Community / MORGAN, JOHN H. -- Religious Orientation of the Communal Counter-Culture: God, Nature, and Mysticism in Contemporary Society / BUCHDAHL, DAVID -- Rituals of Community in an American Religious Youth Group Meeting / SCIOG, ¿. M. -- The Country Place: An Intentional, Therapeutic Community / NUSBAUM, GEOFFREY -- Ethnography of Religious Factors in a Politically Oriented Communal Group of New England / BAILEY, RALEIGH E. -- Aspects of Personality in a Communal Society / HOSTETLER, JOHN A. -- Communitarian Experiments and the Self / DRAKE, CARLOS C. -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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