Classic and Contemporary

Classic and Contemporary

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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Contributors -- Preface: The soul of Germanic linguistics -- The putative strengthening of glides in Gothic / Barrack, Charles M. -- Latin influence on German word order: A discussion of Behaghel's theory / Chirita, Diana -- Ambisyllabicity in Old English: A contrary view / Fulk, Robert D. -- Machds, daß-ds wegkummds! The mystery of inflected complementizers / Getty, Michael -- On the Old High German Medienverschiebung / Goblirsch, Kurt Gustav -- Underspecification and the Old High German monophthongization / Harbert, Wayne -- The phrase structure of partitives in High German / Hoeing, Robert G. -- The reaction of monosyllables to apocope in German dialects / Liberman, Anatoly -- Aspects of "headedness switching" in German, Dutch, and Danish verb complexes / Macki, Erik J. -- Agreement and null subjects in Germanic and Romance / Mallén, Enrique -- Articulatory phonology as a tool for explanation in historical phonology: The case of stop epenthesis in Germanic / Page, B. Richard -- The Germanic i-umlaut revisited / Penzl, Herbert -- How Indo-European is Germanic? / Ροlοmé, Edgar -- BAG V: PC German / Rauch, Irmengard -- Thematic hierarchies and the argument-structure-syntax interface: Evidence from Germanic ditransitive verbs / Sprouse, Rex A. -- Against the notion "metrical grammar" / Stockwell, Robert P. / Minkova, Donka -- Two-domain conditionals: Verb-first, integration, politeness / Vandergriff, Ilona -- Coordinate ellipsis in German: Old problems from a new (minimalist) perspective / Velde, John te -- The development of reduplicating verbs in Germanic / Vennemann, Theo -- Causative psych-verbs in the history of English / Waltz, Heidi -- Index

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