China-India Relations and Implications for Pakistan

China-India Relations and Implications for Pakistan

Taschenbuch - 9783844387865
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von Amna Yousaf Khokhar


The time-tested friendship between China and Pakistan is based on mutual rivalry with India. However, China has established an economic partnership with India, which is expected to rise to US$100 billion level by 2015. This book explores whether China will retain its friendship with Pakistan, which has its own geo-political and geo-strategic significance, or growing economic inter-dependence with India will impact it. China is Pakistan's one of the main defense suppliers and, in return, it receives unmatched diplomatic support as well as strategic security. Will China follow the realipolitik and slowly decrease its relations with Pakistan? This book outlines not only the major factors of Sino-Pak relations, which will keep their friendship unabated, but also limitations of Sino-Indian relations, which hinder the growth of normality between the two archrivals' ties; although, their bilateral economic cooperation continues to rise.

Tags: Politikwissenschaft, Politik, Wirtschaft

Taschenbuch - 9783844387865
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