Changing Voting Behavior In Rural Punjab

Changing Voting Behavior In Rural Punjab

Taschenbuch - 9783845415970
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von Ghulam Samdani Sial


The book is about the changing voting behavior in the rural Punjab. The basic contention of the study is that the social structure of the Punjabi rural community is changed due to social change and it has impacted in changing the voting behavior of the rural masses. The structural changes in the society are changing the family and biradri system. The faction and biradri which were viewed by many to be the most important determinants of voting behavior in the rural Punjab, is declining now in terms of voting behavior. The more education, industrialization, urbanization and particularly the role of media in highlighting different social and political issues, brought a greater social and political awareness among the masses. In the present Political factors like party identification, issue orientation, ideology and infrastructure development are becoming the more important considerations in terms of voting behavior.

Tags: Soziologie, Sozialstrukturforschung

Taschenbuch - 9783845415970
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