Beyond Textuality: Asceticism and Violence in Anthropological Interpretation

Beyond Textuality: Asceticism and Violence in Anthropological Interpretation

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von Gilles Bibeau, Ellen E. Corin, Ellen E. Corin (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- Preface -- Contents -- Introduction -- From submission to the text to interpretive violence / Bibeau, Gilles / Corin, Ellen E. -- Part I. Ascetic readings of the text: Proximity and fidelity -- From cosmology to ontology through resonance: A Chinese interpretation of reality / Blanc, Charles Le -- The Demon of Ashes in Sanskrit text and Himalayan ritual / Leavitt, John -- The Great Sign in the Book of Revelation - Le chant du signe / Chevalier, Jacques M. -- British cannibals: Contemplation of an event in the death and resurrection of James Cook, explorer / Obeyesekere, Gananath -- Part II. Text and sub-text: The grounding of interpretive violence -- Meaning games at the margins: The cultural centrality of subordinated structures / Corin, Ellen E. -- Transgression and transition: Confession as a sub-text in Maasai ritual / Galaty, John G. -- Murder on Mount Austen: Kwaio framing of an act of violence / Keesing, Roger M. -- Part III. Divination as interpretation from within -- How to say things with assertive acts? About some pragmatic properties of Senoufo divination / Zempléni, Andras -- The ghost in the machine: Etiology and divination in Japan / Picone, Mary -- The truths of interpretations: Envy, possession and recovery in Ladakh / Kaplanian, Patrick -- Part IV. The cooperative work in interpretation -- The subject of knowledge / Rousseau, Jérôme -- Egocentric particulars: Pronominal perspectives in ethnographic inquiry / Fernandez, James W. -- Conclusion -- Beyond postmodernism: Resonant anthropology / Maranda, Pierre -- Index

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