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Being Female: Reproduction, Power, and Change

Being Female: Reproduction, Power, and Change

Hardcover - 9789027975997
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Frontmatter -- Introduction / Raphael, Dana -- SECTION ONE: REPRODUCTION -- Reproduction: Introductory Notes / Newman, Lucile -- Socialization of Non-Human Primate Females: A Brief Overview / Poirier, Frank E. -- Prenatal Hormones and Human Behavior: Implications for the Status of Women / Ehrhardt, Anke ¿. -- Spontaneous and Induced Abortion in Human and Non-Human Primates / Nurge, Ethel -- Birth Rituals in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Some Practical Applications / Newton, Niles -- The Relevance of Nourishment to the Reproductive Cycle of the Female in India / Katona-Apte, Judit -- Nutrition and Pregnancy / Robson, John R. K. -- Defining Marriage Cross-Culturally / Dillingham, Beth W. / Isaac, Barry L. -- Matrescence, Becoming a Mother, A "New/Old" Rite de Passage / Raphael, Dana -- Matri-Patrilocality and the Birth of the First Child / Wilson, Suzanne F. -- Affectivity and Instrumentality in Friendship Patterns among American Women / Yuan, Ying-Ying -- An Explanation for Matrilocal Residence / Divale, William Tulio -- SECTION TWO: WOMEN AND POWER -- Women and Power: Introductory Notes / Raphael, Dana -- Women and Domestic Power: Political and Economic Strategies in Domestic Groups / Lamphere, Louise -- A Note on a Feminine Factor in Cultural History / Lomax, Alan -- Non-Hierarchical, Hierarchical, and Masked Reciprocity in the Arab Village / Rosenfeld, Henry -- Bundu: Political Implications of Female Solidarity in a Secret Society / Hoffer, Carol P. -- Three Styles of Domestic Authority : A Cross-Cultural Study / Schlegel, Alice -- A Review of the Women's Movement in the United States / Scott Allen, Bettie -- American Women in Politics: Culture, Structure, and Ideology / Garretson, Lucy -- SECTION THREE: SOCIAL TRENDS -- Social Trends: Introductory Notes / Jahan, Rounaq -- The Eurogallegas : Female Spanish Migration / Hess Buechler, Judith-Maria -- Attitudes towards Reproduction in a Rapidly Changing African Society / Namboze, Josephine M. -- The Concepts of "Femininity" and "Liberation" in the Context of Changing Sex-Roles: Women in Modern India and America / Roy, Manisha -- Vietnamese Women: Their Roles and Their Options / Hoskins, Marilyn W. -- Changing Roles of Women in Two African Muslim Cultures / Lord, Edith Elizabeth -- Women and Social Customs within the Family: A Case Study of Attitudes in Kerala, India / Kurian, George / John, Mariam -- Some Remarks on the Legal Equality between Men and Women / Vidláková, Olga -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Januar 1975
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 27 mm
Gewicht 671 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027975997
Auflage Reprint 2011
Seiten 308