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Atmospheric Optics

Atmospheric Optics

Taschenbuch - 9781468478815
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Some Statistical Determinations of the Instability of Television Images of Stars.- Images of the Lunar Limb and Heterogeneity Layers in the Troposphere.- Measuring Limb Vibrations of Solar Images.- Vibration of Star Images in Telescopes as a Function of Zenith Distance.- Distribution of Wave-Front Distortions That Cause Star-Image Vibration.- The Probability of Obtaining Good Star Images with Short-Exposure Photography.- Electronic Systems for Short-Exposure Photography of Celestial Objects.- Eliminating Multiple Scattering and Reflection of Light from the Underlying Surface from the Scattering Indicatrix.- Short Method for Determination of Atmospheric Transmission Coefficients.- Atmospheric Transmittance and the Interrelationships of Certain Optical Parameters.- Monitoring the Optical Stability of the Atmosphere for Small and Large Optical Thicknesses.- Spectral Brightness of the Sky.- Spectrophotometric Studies of Atmospheric Transmittance and Stability.- Light Polarization as an Independent Measure of Atmospheric Purity and.Transmittance.- Some Results of Photoelectric Measurements of Atmospheric Polarization in the Town of Shakhty.- On Studying Twilight Phenomena.- The Height of the Twilight Ray.- Evaluating the Dust Component of the Upper Atmosphere by the Twilight Method.- Brightness and Polarization of Twilight at the Celestial Pole.- Photoelectric Photometric Study of Twilight in the Infrared Region.- Dynamics of the Brightness Extremes of the Twilight Sky.- Determining Atmospheric Transmittance from the Brightness of the Twilight Sky.- Comparison of Some Methods of Eliminating the Effect of the Earth¿s Atmosphere from the Observed Brightness of Zodiacal Light.- Seasonal Variations of the Telluric Lines of Oxygen and Water Vapor in the Solar Spectrum.- Method for Determining Atmospheric Extinction.- Determining the Transmission Coefficient and Degree of Optical Stability of the Earth¿s Atmosphere.- Photoelectric Apparatus for Studying Atmospheric Light Scattering.- Rationality of Characteristic for Optical State of the Atmosphere.- Method for Studying Twilight Phenomena.- Astronomical and Actinometric Values of Standard Atmospheric Transmittance.- Results of Observations of Star Image Vibration at the Uzhgorod Astronomical Station.


Verlag Springer US
Ersterscheinung Juni 2012
Maße 279 mm x 210 mm x 10 mm
Gewicht 474 Gramm
Format Taschenbuch
ISBN-13 9781468478815
Auflage 1970
Seiten 188