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Aspects of Oral Communication

Aspects of Oral Communication

Hardcover - 9783110144659
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Frontmatter -- I. Introduction -- Oral Communication: Theoretical Differentiation and Integration of an Empirical Field / Quasthoff, Uta Μ. -- II. Approaches to Orality from the Perspectives of Different Disciplines -- Somatic Communication: How Useful is ‘Orality’ for the Characterization of Speech Events and Cultures? / Scollon, Ron / Scollon, Suzanne -- Discourse Production in Oral Communication. A Study Based on French / Gülich, Elisabeth / Kotschi, Thomas -- Pre-Terminal Levels of Process in Oral and Written Language Production / Herrmann, Theo / Grabowski, Joachim -- III. The Empirical Domains -- Oral Cultures -- Oral Literature Embodied and Disembodied / Dauenhauer, Richard / Dauenhauer, Nora Marks -- Verbal Duelling in Caucasian Georgia. Ethnolinguistic Studies of Three Oral Poetic Attack Genres / Kotthoff, Helga -- Orality in Spoken German Standard and Substandard / Hartmann, Dietrich -- Levels of Analysis -- Nonverbal Aspects of Oral Communication / Kappas, Arvid / Hess, Ursula -- Deixis and Orality: Explaining Games in Face-to-Face Interaction / Hausendorff, Heiko -- Sentence Construction Within Interaction / Goodwin, Charles -- Discourse and Oral Contextualizations: Vocal Cues / Hausendorf, Heiko / Quasthoff, Uta M. -- Orality in Ontogenesis -- The Ontogenetic Aspect of Orality: Towards the Interactive Constitution of Linguistic Development / Quasthoff, Uta M. -- “Tell Me a Book” or “Play Me a Story”: The Oral Roots of Literacy Socialization / Cook-Gumperz, Jenny -- Drama and Narration -- Reconstructive Genres of Everyday Communication / Bergmann, Jörg R. / Luckmann, Thomas -- Written Drama — Oral Performance / Fischer-Lichte, Erika -- Public and Institutional Orality -- Orality and Public Discourse. On the Rhetoric of Media and Political Communication / Gutenberg, Norbert -- Secondary Orality in the Electronic Media / Holly, Werner -- Medical Speech Events as Resources for Inferring Differences in Expert- Novice Diagnostic Reasoning / Cicourel, Aaron V. -- IV. Methods -- Conversation Analysis: Methodological Aspects / Heritage, John -- Ethnographic Methods in the Analysis of Oral Communication. Some Suggestions for Linguists / Auer, Peter -- Empirical and Semiotic Foundations for Prosodic Analysis / Gibbon, Dafydd -- Analysis of Nonverbal Communication / Wallbott, Harald G. -- List of Contributors -- Subject Index -- Backmatter


Verlag De Gruyter
Ersterscheinung Januar 1995
Maße 238 mm x 159 mm x 40 mm
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Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783110144659
Auflage Reprint 2011
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