Anthropology and Social Change in Rural Areas

Anthropology and Social Change in Rural Areas

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Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- Preface -- General Introduction -- Anthropology and the Peasant Mode of Production / BERDICHEWSKY, BERNARDO -- PART ONE Africa: From Primitive Agriculturalists to Peasants -- Introduction -- Traditional Lifeways and Modernization: Social Transformation in a Niger Village / PALMERI, PAOLO -- Agrarian Revolution and the Land Question in Buganda / MAFEJE, ARCHIE -- Peasants and Planistrators in Eastern Africa, 1960-1970 / APTHORPE, RAYMOND -- The Human Aspects of Rural Resettlement Schemes in Egypt / TADROS, HELMI R. -- The Agricultural Resettlement Scheme: A Review of Cases and Theories / PALMER, GARY B. -- PART TWO Eurasia: Peasant Communities and Modernization -- Introduction -- Socioeconomic Adjustments to Intensive Agriculture in the Tungabhadra Irrigation Project, Mysore State, India / SLATTERY, JOHN B. -- Communication in an Indian Village / YADAVA, J. S. -- Changing Life Patterns in the Caucasus: The Contributions of Agriculture and Cattle Breeding / MKRTUMIAN, YURI I. -- The Rumanian Farm Household and the Village Community / STAHL, PAUL HENRI -- Transformation of Peasant Economy: A Hungarian Example / SÁRKÁNY, MIHÁLY -- Modernization of the Slovak Peasantry: Two Carpathian Highland Communities / SKALNÍK, PETER -- Sociocultural Changes Resulting From Road Construction in Areas of Difficult Access / HELLBOM, ANNA-BRITTA -- A Theoretical Study of the Peasantry: Peasants and Laborers in Southern Spain, Cuba, and Highland Peru / MARTINEZ-ALIER, JUAN -- PART THREE Latin America: Peasant Movements and Agrarian Reforms -- Introduction -- SECTION A: COMMUNITIES AND PROLETARIANIZATION -- Introduction -- The Law of the Tribe, the Law of the Nation, and Double Patriotism in Latin America / LIPSCHUTZ, ALEXANDER -- Cattle Raising in the Society, Economy, and Ecology of Barbuda Island / BERLEANT-SCHILLER, RIVA -- Plantations, Peasants, and Proletariat in the West Indies: Agrarian Capitalism and Alienation / BECKFORD, GEORGE L. -- Group Identification as an Adaptation to Modernization in Brazil / SCOTT, PARRY R. -- In the Real Peru: From Feudalism to Bureaucracy / SABOGAL-WIESSE, JOSÉ R. -- SECTION ¿: LAND INVASIONS AND LAND REFORM -- Introduction -- Agrarian Reform in Chile and Its Impact on Araucanian Indian Communities / BERDICHEWSKY, BERNARDO -- Rural Development Strategy and Agrarian Reform / BARRACLOUGH, SOLON -- Peasant Participation in Agrarian Reform: Mexico, Bolivia, and Venezuela / HUIZER, GERRIT -- The Cultural Dependence of Rural Communities and Peasant Guerrillas / KOWALEWSKI, ZBIGNIEW MARCIN -- Ideological Capacitation of the Peasantry in the Context of Revolutionary Agrarian Reform / PILOTTI, FRANCISCO J. -- Peasants and Bureaucracy in Chilean Agrarian Reform / CHONCHOL, JACQUES -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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