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Anthropology and Mental Health: Setting a New Course

Anthropology and Mental Health: Setting a New Course

Hardcover - 9789027979292
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Frontmatter -- INTRODUCTION: Whither the Fresh Course? / WESTERMEYER, JOSEPH -- SECTION ONE: Cosmologies and Mental Health -- Introduction -- The Relationship Between Witchcraft Beliefs and Psychosomatic Illness / RIOS, MARLENE DOBKIN DE -- Humoral Theory and Therapy in Tunisia / TEITELBAUM, JOEL M. -- SECTION TWO: Culture and Psychopathology -- Introduction -- Japanese-American Suicides in Los Angeles / YAMAMOTO, JOE -- Personal Situation as a Determinant of Suicide and Its Implications for Cross-Cultural Studies / IGA, MAMORU -- Multiethnic Studies of Psychopathology and Normality in Hawaii / KATZ, MARTIN Μ. / SANBORN, KENNETH O. -- Kifafa: A Tribal Disease in an East African Bantu Population / JILEK-AALL, LOUISE -- SECTION THREE: Focus on Mental Health Workers -- Introduction -- Coalition of a Kali Healer and a Psychiatrist in Guyana, Mediated by an Anthropologist / SINGER, PHILIP / ARANETA, ENRIQUE / NAIDOO, JAMIE -- Psychiatrists and Spiritual Healers: Partners in Community Mental Health / RUIZ, PEDRO / LANGROD, JOHN -- A Model for Training Mental Health Workers in Cross-Cultural Counseling / PEDERSEN, PAUL -- Work Styles Among American Psychiatric Residents / LIGHT, DONALD W. -- Historical Antecedents of Mental Health Dilemmas in America / HUESSY, H. R. -- SECTION FOUR: Prevention of Mental Disorder -- Introduction -- Primary Prevention: A Combined Psychiatric-Anthropological Appraisal / DUBREUIL, GUY / WITTKOWER, ERIC D. -- Breaking Ties with Deceased Spouse / ROSENBLATT, PAUL C. / WALSH, R. PATRICIA / JACKSON, DOUGLAS A. -- SECTION FIVE: New Theoretical Directions -- Introduction -- Rethinking Our Premises / HSU, FRANCIS L. K. -- Development of Theoretical Models and Levels of Interpretation in Mental Health / TRIMBLE, JOSEPH E. / MEDICINE, BEATRICE -- "Brainwashing" as Therapeutic Technique in Contemporary Canadian Indian Spirit Dancing: a Case of Theory Building / JILEK, WOLFGANG G. -- SECTION SIX: Methods and Models -- Introduction -- A Review of Methods in Holocultural Studies in Mental Health/Illness / SCHAEFER, JAMES M. -- Schizophrenic Graphic Expression and Tribal Art in New Guinea / BILLIG, OTTO / BURTON-BRADLEY, Β. G. / DOERMANN, ELLEN -- The Vectors of Changing Values: A Model for Predicting Change in Mental Deviance Rates in Developing Countries / HARTOG, JOSEPH -- Animal Modeling of Psychopathology: Current Status of the Field / McKINNEY, WILLIAM T. -- The Drug Detoxification Unit as an Ecological System / COWAN, JONATHAN / MEYERS, FREDERICK H. -- Notes from the Interface: A Commentary on the Anthropology and Mental Health Symposium / PATAKI-SCHWEIZER, K. J. -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Januar 1976
Maße 236 mm x 159 mm x 30 mm
Gewicht 737 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027979292
Auflage Reprint 2011
Seiten 352