Anthropology: Ancestors and Heirs

Anthropology: Ancestors and Heirs

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Frontmatter -- INTRODUCTION Anthropological traditions: The participants observed / DIAMOND, STANLEY -- PART I: Anthropological traditions -- Anthropological traditions: Their relationship as a dialectic / KRADER, LAWRENCE -- Anthropological traditions: Their uses and misuses / POUILLON, JEAN -- Anthropological traditions: Their definition / SCHOLTE, BOB -- Anthropological traditions: Comparative aspects / HULTKRANTZ, ÅKE -- PART II: National traditions -- The United States: Racism and progress in the nineteenth century / GRUBER, JACOB W. -- Franz Boas: The academic response / WELTFISH, GENE -- Germany: Interpreting culture traits / LESER, PAUL -- The Soviet Union: The continuity of the great Russian tradition / BROMLEY, YU. V. -- Italy: Cultural anthropology reconsidered / GROTTANELLI, VINIGI L. -- The Netherlands : Structuralism before Lévi-Strauss / JOSSELIN DE JONG, PATRICK EDWARD -- Scandinavia: All approaches are fruitful / NICOLAISEN, JOHANNES -- India: A Western apprentice / SINHA, SURAJIT -- Japan: An Asian reflex / NAKANE, CHIE -- Great Britain: Functionalism at home. A question of theory / KUPER, ADAM -- Great Britain: Functionalism abroad A theory in question / STAUDER, JACK -- PART III: Towards a critical anthropology -- The Manchester School in Africa and Israel: A critique / TEEFFELEN, T. VAN -- Latin America: The anthropology of conquest / GOLTE, JÜRGEN -- Germany: The search for a new ancestor / LEPENIES, WOLF -- Yugoslavia: The practical critique of ideological Marxism / DENITCH, BOGDAN -- The United States: The cultural predicament of the anthropologist / WOLF, ERIC R.

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