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Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- Preface -- An Introductory Commentary / FORTES, MEYER -- Good and Bad Ancestors / NEWELL, WILLIAM H. -- SECTION ONE -- Who Are the "Ancestors" in Japan? A 1963 Census of Memorial Tablets / SMITH, ROBERT J. -- A Structural Analysis of Japanese Ancestral Rites and Beliefs / OOMS, HERMAN -- Optional Cult Group Affiliation Among the Puyuma and the Miyako Islanders / MABUCHI, TOICHI -- A Note on Ancestor Worship in "Cognatic" Societies / MABUCHI, TOICHI -- "Family Religion" in Japan: Ie and Its Religious Faith / TAKEDA, C. -- Recent Trends in Studies of Ancestor Worship in Japan / TAKEDA, CHOSHU -- Ancestor Worship in Japan: Facts and History / MAEDA, TAKASHI -- Ancestors and Nobility in Ancient Japan / MILLER, RICHARD J. -- Dozoku and Ancestor Worship in Japan / YONEMURA, SHOJI -- The Malevolent Ancestor: Ancestral Influence in a Japanese Religious Sect / KERNER, KAREN -- Ancestral Influence on the Suffering of Descendants in a Japanese Cult / LEBRA, TAKIE SUGIYAMA -- A Note on the Enshrinement of Ancestral Tablets at Zamami Island, Okinawa / MATSUZONO, MAKIO -- Ancestor Memorialism: A Comparison of Jews and Japanese / WIMBERLEY, HOWARD / SAVISHINSKY, JOEL -- SECTION TWO -- Characteristic Features of Ewe Ancestor Worship / FIAWOO, D. K. -- Ancestorcide! Are African Ancestors Dead? / UCHENDU, VICTOR C. -- Youth as Elders and Infants as Ancestors: The Complementarity of Alternate Generations, Both Living and Dead, in Tiriki, Kenya, and Irigwe, Nigeria / SANGREE, WALTER H. -- SECTION THREE -- Ancestors, Geomancy, and Mediums in Taiwan / SEAMAN, G. -- Prophylactic Medicine and Kin Units Among Yao Ancestor Worshipers / MILES, DOUGLAS -- Chinese Geomancy and Ancestor Worship: A Further Discussion / LI, YIH-YUAN -- Aspects of Ancestor Worship in Northern Taiwan / WOLF, ARTHUR P. -- Ancestors Proper and Peripheral / WANG, SUNG-HSING -- The Ancestors at Home: Domestic Worship in a Land-Poor Taiwanese Village / HARRELL, C. STEVAN -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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