Advances in Andean Archaeology

Advances in Andean Archaeology

Hardcover - 9789027975508
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von David L. Browman, David L. Browman (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- PART ONE: Analogy and Cultural Reconstruction of Lithic Industries -- Introduction -- The Aguas Verdes Industry of Northern Chile / JOHNSON, L. LEWIS -- Toolmaking and Tool Use Among the Preceramic Peoples of Panama / RANERE, ANTHONY J. -- PART TWO: Origins of Plant and Animal Domestication -- Introduction -- Population Pressure and the Origins of Agriculture: An Archaeological Example from the Coast of Peru / COHEN, MARK N. -- Origins and Distribution of Plants Domesticated in the New World Tropics / PICKERSGILL, BARBARA / HEISER, CHARLES B. JR. -- Animal Domestication in the Andes / WING, ELIZABETH S. -- The Pre-Columbian Araucanian Chicken (Gallus inauris) of the Mapuche Indians / WILHELM, ¿. E. -- PART THREE: Cultural Development in the Northern Andes -- Introduction -- Formative-Period Interaction Spheres in the Intermediate Area: Archaeology of Central America and Adjacent South America / MYERS, THOMAS P. -- Ridged-Field Excavations in the Central Orinoco Llanos, Venezuela / DENEVAN, WILLIAM M. / ZUCCHI, ALBERTA -- Ecology, Economy, and Warfare in Lowland South America / MOREY, ROBERT V. JR. / MARWITT, JOHN P. -- The Formative Cultures of the Venezuela Oriente / SANOJA, MARIO / VARGAS, IRAIDA -- Majolica Pottery: Determination of Its Provenience Using Thermoluminescence / VAZ, J. EDUARDO / CRUXENT, JOSÉ M. -- Interpretation of Buried Structures: Coastal Sites of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil / PALLESTRINI, L. -- PART FOUR: Economic and Urban Development in the Central Andes -- Introduction -- The Cultural and Ecological Context of the Mantaro Valley During the Formative Period / MENDIETA, RAMIRO MATOS -- Toward the Development of the Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) State / BROWMAN, DAVID L. -- Cerro Sechin: Medical Anthropology's Inauguration in Peru ? / GROLLIG, FRANCIS X. S.J. -- Prehistory and Petroglyphs in Southern Peru / MÁLAGA, ELOY LINARES -- Ecological Factors Affecting the Urban Transformation in the Last Centuries of the Pre-Columbian Era / BONAVÍA, DUCCIO -- Toward a Typology of Architecture and Urbanism in the Pre-Columbian Andes / ENGEL, FRÉDÉRIC -- Manifestations of Inca Culture in Two Provinces of Chile / CHARLÍN, JORGE IRIBARREN -- PART FIVE: Paleoecological Studies in Argentina -- Introduction -- Considerations on the Periodizations of Northwest Argentina / REGUEIRO, VICTOR A. NÚÑEZ -- Paleoecology of the Calchaquí Valley, Salta Province, Argentina / TARRAGÓ, MYRIAM N. -- Concerning the Archaeology of the Humahuaca Quebrada / PÉREZ, JOSÉ ANTONIO -- Contribution to the San Jose and Santa Maria Cultures, Northwest Argentina / PERROTTA, ELENA / PODESTÁ, CLARA -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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Hardcover - 9789027975508
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