A Century of Change in Eastern Africa

A Century of Change in Eastern Africa

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Frontmatter -- Introduction / ARENS, W. -- Colonial and Postcolonial Anthropology of Africa: Scholarship or Sentiment? / OWUSU, MAXWELL -- Agrarian Revolution and the Land Question in Buganda / MAFEJE, ARCHIE -- The Asian Question in Uganda, 1894-1972 / KABWEGYERE, ¿. B. -- Changing Patterns of Ethnic Identity and Prestige in East Africa / ARENS, W. -- Kariobangi: The Case History of a Squatter Resettlement Scheme in Kenya / WEISNER, THOMAS S. -- Changing Patterns of Bridewealth Among the Kikuyu of East Africa / FERRARO, GARY -- Ritual Values and Social Stratification in Kampala, Uganda / RIGBY, PETER -- Going Ahead: The Businessmen of Seretunin / KETTEL, BONNIE / KETTEL, DAVID -- The Response of the Southern Iteso to Political Domination / KARP, IVAN -- British Colonial Policy and Tribal Political Organization / WATSON, WILLIAM -- East African Trade Towns: A Shared Growth / BROWN, BEVERLY / BROWN, WALTER T. -- Local-Level Politics and Social Change in Tigre: A Transactional Analysis of Adaptive Change / BAUER, DAN F. -- Changing Patterns of Social Control in Buu Society / IRVINE, JANIS -- Multiethnicity and Trade in the Western Indian Ocean Area / OTTENHEIMER, MARTIN -- Descent, Inheritance, and Succession Among the Tuareg of the Ahaggar / BRIGGS, LLOYD CABOT / GAST, MARCEAU -- Urban Ethnology in Africa: Some Theoretical Issues / MARIOTTI, AMELIA / MAGUBANE, BERNARD -- Forms of Ethnic Linkage Between Town and Country / SOUTHALL, AIDAN -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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