ZeitenWelten: Zur Verschränkung von Weltdeutung und Zeitwahrnehmung, 750-1350

ZeitenWelten: Zur Verschränkung von Weltdeutung und Zeitwahrnehmung, 750-1350

Hardcover - 9783412505288
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Time is a fundamental condition of our existence. Different perceptions of time have always been of scientific as well as social interest. As scholars have placed increasing emphasis on time as an important subjective category formulated under individual social contexts, scholars have simultaneously questioned the logical and objective measurability of time. Prompted by new ideas about time and temporality, the present publication illuminates medieval models of time. It deals with abstract conceptions of time influenced by biblical and exegetical thought patterns. These temporal systems of thought were transferred into political and social action as well as captured systems of time. This collection of essays charts a medieval model of time which is shaped by an interplay of cyclic, linear, and layered time.


Verlag Böhlau-Verlag GmbH
Ersterscheinung September 2016
Maße 236 mm x 164 mm x 25 mm
Gewicht 593 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783412505288
Auflage Nicht bekannt
Seiten 262