Wisdom to Act: Practical Theology for Transformative Leadership

Wisdom to Act: Practical Theology for Transformative Leadership

Taschenbuch - 9783848482689
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von Susan Adams


This contribution to the field of practical theology argues for practical theology as a form of theological education which integrates the disciplines of theology with the process of forming ministry leaders. It identifies markers in practical theological education that is designed intentionally to equip practical theologians for engagement in social transformation.The book demonstrates that the role of the church in seeking social justice must be embedded in the education of ministers by bringing together the academic, institutional, and social outcomes of practical theology education to generate new practice paradigms. The study uses a qualitative methodology with a case study approach based on three projects in New Zealand theological education. Anglican priest Susan Adams participated in all three of these innovative projects covering a period of thirty years. Out of this experience, she presents in this book an 'integrative practical theology'.

Tags: Religion, Theologie, Praktische Theologie

Taschenbuch - 9783848482689
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