Views of the Past: Essays in Old World Prehistory and Paleanthropology

Views of the Past: Essays in Old World Prehistory and Paleanthropology

Hardcover - 9789027976703
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von Leslie G. Freeman, Leslie G. Freeman (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- Introduction / FREEMAN, LESLIE G. -- Amino Acid Dating of Pleistocene Fossil Materials: Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania / HARE, P. E. / TURNBULL, H. F. / TAYLOR, R. E. -- A Hand-Ax from Northwest Iran: The Question of Human Movement Between Africa and Asia in the Lower Paleolithic Period / SINGER, RONALD / WYMER, JOHN J. -- COMMENT / Boriskovskij, P. -- Mousterian Worked Bone from Cueva Morin (Santander, Spain): A Preliminary Description / FREEMAN, LESLIE G. -- A Technique for Studying Microscopic Wear on Artifact Surfaces / STRAUS, LAWRENCE G. / WALKER, PHILIP -- The Analysis of Some Occupation Floor Distributions from Earlier and Middle Paleolithic Sites in Spain / FREEMAN, LESLIE G. -- Late and Post-Pleistocene Industries and Fauna from the Cave Site of La Riera (Province of Asturias, Spain) / CLARK, GEOFFREY A. / RICHARDS, LINDA R. -- The Sebilian of the Nile Valley: Some New Concepts / HASSAN, FEKRI A. -- Notes Toward a Systematization of the Upper Paleolithic in Palestine / ECHEGARAY, J. GONZÁLEZ -- The Upper Paleolithic in North-Central Eurasia: Evidence and Problems / SHIMKIN, EDITH M. -- Man in the Italian Alps: A Study of the Pleistocene and Post-Glacial evidence / FEDELE, F. G. -- Mesolithic Coastal Economies in the Levant and North Africa / SAXON, EARL C. -- Late Cenozoic Climate, Mammalian Evolutionary Patterns and Middle Pleistocene Human Adaptation in Eastern Asia / LUCHTERHAND, KUBET -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

Tags: Geschichte

Hardcover - 9789027976703
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