Video object Tracking: Image Processing and Tracking

Video object Tracking: Image Processing and Tracking

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von Madhurima Bhatia


Object-tracking is one of the most popular areas of video processing because of its applicability to daily problems and ease of production, e.g. surveillance cameras, adaptive traffic lights, plane detection, vehicle navigation, human computer interaction, object-based video compression, smart rooms, driver assistance, perceptual user interface, augmented reality etc. The purpose of object tracking is to determine the position of the object in images continuously and reliably against dynamic scenes. Difficulties in tracking objects can arise due to abrupt object motion, changing appearance patterns of the object and the scene, non-rigid object structures, object-to object and object-to-scene occlusions, and camera motion.The work carried out implements object tracking using mean shift based algorithm and feature based algorithm for an efficient and robust visual tracking.

Tags: Technik, Elektronik, Elektrotechnik, Nachrichtentechnik

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