VFX Fundamentals: Visual Special Effects with Fusion

VFX Fundamentals: Visual Special Effects with Fusion

von Wallace Jackson
Taschenbuch - 9781484221303
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Learn concepts central to visual special effects using the free Black Magic Design Fusion 8.0 software package. This book also provides foundational background information regarding concepts central to digital image compositing, digital video editing, digital illustration, digital painting, 3D, and digital audio in the first six chapters on new media theory, concepts and terminology. This book builds on the foundational concepts of digital image compositing, digital audio, digital video, digital illustration and digital painting. VFX Fundamentals introduces more advanced VFX concepts and pipelines as the chapters progress, covering topics such as flow node compositing, timeline animation, animated polyline masking, bluescreen and greenscreen matte pulling (generation), using Primatte and Fusion 8 Ultra Keyer, motion tracking, 3D rendering and compositing, auxiliary channels, and particle systems and particle physics dynamics, among other topics.


Verlag APRESS L.P.
Ersterscheinung September 2016
Maße 236 mm x 154 mm x 22 mm
Gewicht 558 Gramm
Format Taschenbuch
ISBN-13 9781484221303
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