Utilization of Steel Industrial Slag in Road Sector: A Solid Waste Disposal

Utilization of Steel Industrial Slag in Road Sector: A Solid Waste Disposal

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Steel making is a strategic requirement of the economy of developing nation like India. Many steel plants have been set up in our country. However, production of iron and steel is associated with the generation of solid waste materials like slag.Big steel plants in India generate about 29 million tonnes of waste material annually. In addition, there are several medium and small plants all over the country. Slag reduces the porosity and permeability of soil, thus increasing the water logging problem. It causes respiratory ailment among nearby residents, contaminates ground water, and adversely affects the landscape of the area. In Jalna city there are about 34 small and large scale industries situated in MIDC area wasting nearly 1000MT iron slag daily, problem of disposing this slag is very serious which can be reduced by utilizing iron slag for construction of different layers roads. The engineering properties of soil that can be altered by using this iron slag. This work includes the determination of different properties of iron slag, utilization of slag for construction of roads using its properties.

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