Towards More Democracy in Social Services: Models of Culture and Welfare

Towards More Democracy in Social Services: Models of Culture and Welfare

Hardcover - 9783110143911
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Frontmatter -- Preface -- Contents -- Introduction -- Towards More Democracy in Social Services: Models and Culture of Welfare / Flösser, Gaby / Otto, Hans-Uwe -- Part I. The Welfare Approach -- The End of Progressivism: Paradigmatic Shifts and Social Welfare / Stern, Mark J. -- Consumers, Citizens and Coproducers - A Pluralistic Perspective on Democracy in Social Services / Evers, Adalbert -- Social Service Delivery: The More Demand, the More Democracy? / Richter, Helmut -- Civil Society and the Welfare State / Rödel, Ulrich -- Does Welfare Lead to Dependency? Effectiveness and Undesirable Side-Effects of Welfare Institutions / Prein, Gerald / Buhr, Petra -- Social Rights, Power and the Democratization of Social Services / Schaarschuch, Andreas -- The Scandinavian Social Service Model / Stjernø, Steinar -- Welfare, Democracy and Social Work / Sünker, Heinz -- Democratization: The Recovery of the Political in Social Work(?) / Schmidt, Mathias -- Part II. The Organizational Approach -- The Organizational Construction of Social Citizenship / Ahme, Göran -- Democratization by Modernization? The Future Development of Social Service Organization / Grunow, Dieter -- Personal Social Services: Changing Organizational Forms and Service User Participation. A British Perspective on the Democratization Debate / Harris, John -- Client Demands and Professional Responsibility in Democratic Welfare Organizations / Laan, Geert van der -- Old Democracy - New Quality? Transformation of Social Services in East Germany and Finland. The Case of Child Daycare / Matthies, Aila-Leena -- Cooperative Relations Within Youth Assistance - A Step Towards Democratization of Social Services? / Seckinger, Mike -- Children's Participation in Child Welfare Services / Hallett, Christine -- Modernizing the Youth Welfare System: The Forgotten Perspective of the Clients / Markert, Andreas / Wagenblass, Sabine -- Does Democratic Rationality Extend to Social Services? Legitimation Problems in Professional Action / Dewe, Bernd / Otto, Hans-Uwe -- Empowerment - A Challenge for Professionalization in Social Work / Siiriäinen, Inger -- Privatization and Professionalization: Challenges to Social Service Delivery in the U.S.A. / Gilbert, Neil -- Feminist Care Work Projects in Germany: Between Self-Help and Professional Identity / Brückner, Margrit -- Rising from the Ashes of Cutback, Political Warfare and Degraded Services: Community Building as a Template for Recreating the Welfare State / Fabricant, Michael / Burghardt, Steve -- Part III. The Quality Approach -- Improving the Quality of Social Services: New Opportunities for Participation? / Pollitt, Christopher -- Quality-Enhancement in the Service Society: Perspectives for Social Work / Engel, Matthias / Flösser, Gaby / Gensink, Gesine -- Reform and Restructuring of Social Services in the United States: Evaluating Collaborative Service Models / Marsh, Jeanne C. / Coohey, Carol -- Client Participation as an Instrument of Quality Assurance in Social Work: The Potential for Democratization in the 'New' Quality Consciousness / Petersen, Kerstin / Piel, Konstanze -- Quality Assurance of Voluntary Welfare Associations: A Question of Morals, Law, Contract or Participation? / Bauer, Rudolph / Hansen, Eckhard -- Self-Evaluation - The Ultimate Boot-Strap Approach? / Heiner, Maja -- Contributors


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