Toward a Science of Man: Essays in the History of Anthropology

Toward a Science of Man: Essays in the History of Anthropology

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Frontmatter -- Introduction / Gruber, Jacob -- Notes on Inquiries in Anthropology: A Bibliographic Essay / Fowler, Don D. -- The History of Ethnographic Film / Brigard, Emilie de -- Scotland as the Model of Mankind: Lord Kames' Philosophical View of Civilization / Stocking, George W. -- Albert Gallatin and the Survival of Enlightenment Thought in Nineteenth-Century American Anthropology / Bieder, Robert E. -- ¿. George Squier and the Mounds, 1845-1850 / Tax, Thomas G. -- Bachofen and the Concept of Matrilineality / Holtzman, Stephen F. -- Modern Theoretical Views of a Croation Ethnologist of the Late Nineteenth Century (Antun Radic, 1868-1919) / Belaj, Vitomir -- The History of Physical Anthropology in Hungary / Nemeskéri, János -- The Magyarization of Hungarian Ethnography, (1889-1919) / Sozan, Michael -- The Rise of Social Anthropology in India (1774-1972): A Historical Appraisal / Vidyarthi, L. P. -- Ruth Benedict, Anthropologist: The Reconciliation of Science and Humanism / Modell, Judith -- Typological Realism in A. L. Kroeber's Theory of Culture / Thoresen, Timothy ¿. ¿. -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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