Time and Tense: Unifying the Old and the New

Time and Tense: Unifying the Old and the New

Taschenbuch - 9783884051184
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In the mid-20th century it was common to discuss philosophy of time with reference to the topics which shaped it through the centuries: future contingents, the irreversibility of the past, time as a continuum, infinitesimal time intervals, time as a relation, time as intuition etc. Bas van Fraassen’s An Introduction to the Philosophy of Time and Space, published in 1970, is one of the best examples of a big scholarship which offers modern solutions for the old issues of philosophy of time.

Since then, the old issues were often overshadowed by new ones, sometimes specialized versions of the old issues, sometimes quite new: A- and B-series, multi-dimensional semantics, relativity.

This volume wants to make the reader discover (again) the value of the old issues in the philosophy of time in the attempt to understand

the new.

The contributions of internationally renowned scholars like Miloš Arsenijević, Hans Burkhardt, William Lane Craig, Brigitte Falkenburg et al. form the framework in which Bas van Fraassen draws conclusions from the history of the philosophy of time – in many senses an eventful one.


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