The World as a Company Town: Multinational Corporations and Social Change

The World as a Company Town: Multinational Corporations and Social Change

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von Elizabeth Idris-Soven, Mary K. Vaughan (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- Introduction / IDRIS-SOVEN, AHAMED / IDRIS-SOVEN, ELIZABETH / VAUGHAN, MARY K. -- SECTION ONE: The Multinational Corporation in a Global Context -- Multinational Corporations: The World as a Company Town / VAUGHAN, MARY KAY -- The Blocked Path: International Labor and the Multinationals / VANDERVORT, BRUCE -- The Multinational Corporation as a Stage in the Development of Capitalism -- Ecology and Ideology / WILDEN, ANTHONY -- Financial Colonies: Inflation, Recession, Debt, and the Multinational Corporation / PALAST, GREGORY ¿. -- SECTION TWO: The Multinational Corporation and the Social Scientist -- Applied Research on the Multinational Corporation: ¿ Symposium at the IXth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences / IDRIS-SOVEN, AHAMED / BARKIN, DAVID / BERDICHEWSKY, BERNARDO / COLLINS, JOSEPH / GEDICKS, AL / HUIZER, GERRIT / VAUGHAN, MARY KAY -- Anthropology and Multinational Power: Some Ethical Considerations on Social Research in the Underdeveloped Countries / HUIZER, GERRIT A. -- Alternatives to Ethnocide: Human Zoos, Living Museums, and Real People / BODLEY, JOHN H. -- SECTION THREE: The Multinational Corporation and Social Change -- The Social Responsibility of Anthropological Science in the Context of Contemporary Brazil / DAVIS, SHELTON H. -- New Strategies for Multinational Enterprise in the Third World: Deltec in Brazil and Argentina -- The "Native Reserves" (Bantustans) and the role of the Migrant Labor System in the Political Economy of South Africa / MAGUBANE, BERNARD -- Export-Oriented Industrialization Through the Multinational Corporation: Evidence from Kenya / LANGDON, STEVEN W. -- Plantations, Peasants, and Proletariat in the West Indies: An Essay on Agrarian Capitalism and Alienation / BECKFORD, GEORGE L. -- The Role of Peasant Organizations in the Struggle Against Multinational Corporations: The Cuban Case / HUIZER, GERRIT -- Taxes, Tourists and Turtlemen: Island Dependency and the Tax-Haven Business / CAULFIELD, ¿¿¿¿ DAVIS -- Notes on a Corporate "Potlatch": The Lumber Industry in Samoa / SHANKMAN, PAUL -- The Nationalization of Copper in Chile: Antecedents and Consequences / GEDICKS, AL -- Automobiles: an Obstacle to Socialist Construction / BARKIN, DAVID -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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