The Tiepolo mystery: Historical crime thriller

The Tiepolo mystery: Historical crime thriller

von Jo Kilian
Taschenbuch - 9783429044282
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The Night is the Queen of Shadows

Summer of 1753: Master Tiepolo is painting the world famous fresco – The Four Continents – in the Würzburg Residence. Dragons, shady figures and puzzling hieroglyphics foresee the fall of the godly heavens.

Lorenzo, the master’s youngest son, wants to steer fate onto a different course. But a two faced jester and a mysterious beauty cast the court of Prince Greiffenclau into chaos. It doesn’t take long for the fun and games to transform into deathly seriousness.


Verlag Echter Verlag GmbH
Ersterscheinung März 2018
Maße 190 mm x 123 mm x 15 mm
Gewicht 168 Gramm
Format Taschenbuch
ISBN-13 9783429044282
Auflage Nicht bekannt
Seiten 128