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The Politics of Anthropology: From Colonialism and Sexism Toward a View from Below

The Politics of Anthropology: From Colonialism and Sexism Toward a View from Below

Hardcover - 9789027977502
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Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- SECTION ONE: Introduction -- Anthropology and Politics: From Naivete Toward Liberation? / HUIZER, GERRIT -- SECTION TWO: Colonialism in Anthropology -- The Counterrevolutionary Tradition in African Studies: The Case of Applied Anthropology / ONOGE, OMAFUME F. -- Anthropologists and Their Terminologies: A Critical Review / NZIMIRO, IKENNA -- Anthropology and the Colonial Encounter / ASAD, TALAL -- SECTION THREE: Sexism in Anthropology -- Viricentrism and Anthropology / SCHRIJVERS, JOKE -- Aboriginal Woman: Male and Female Anthropological Perspectives / ROHRLICH-LEAVITT, RUBY / SYKES, BARBARA / WEATHERFORD, ELIZABETH -- Women, Development, and Anthropological Facts and Fictions / LEACOCK, ELEANOR -- SECTION FOUR: "Ethical Question" or "Political Choice"? -- Colonial and Postcolonial Anthropology of Africa: Scholarship or Sentiment? / OWUSU, MAXWELL -- Social Reality and the Anthropologists / MUKHERJEE, RAMKRISHNA -- The Relevance of Contemporary Economic Anthropology / AHMED, ABDEL GHAFFAR M. -- Notes on the Present-Day State of Anthropology in the Third World / CONDOMINAS, GEORGES -- Anthropology = Ideology, Applied Anthropology = Politics / FRANK, ANDRÉ GUNDER -- SECTION FIVE: From "Academic Colonialism" to "Committed Anthropology" -- The Social Responsibility of Anthropological Science in the Context of Contemporary Brazil / DAVIS, SHELTON H. -- The Meaning of Wounded Knee, 1973: Indian Self-Government and the Role of Anthropology / TALBOT, STEVE -- From Applied to Committed Anthropology: Disengaging from our Colonialist Heritage / POLGAR, STEVEN -- SECTION SIX: Dilemmas of Action Research and Commitment -- Anthropology, "Snooping," and Commitment: A View from Papua New Guinea / STRATHERN, ANDREW -- Anthropology in Melanesia: Retrospect and Prospect / KEESING, ROGER M. -- Is Useful Action Research Possible? / KIELSTRA, NICO -- How Can Revolutionary Anthropology Be Practiced? / BUIJTENHUIJS, ROBERT -- The Role of the Anthropologist in Minority Education: The Chicano Case / PORATH, D. R. -- SECTION SEVEN: Toward a View from Below and from Within -- Participant Observation or Partisan Participation? / CAULFIELD, ΜΙΝΑ DAVIS -- On Objectivity in Fieldwork / LOPATE, CAROL -- Breaking Through the Looking Glass: The View from Below / SCHOEPF, BROOKE GRUNDFEST -- On Being a Native Anthropologist / NAKHLEH, KHALIL -- Ethnology in a Revolutionary Setting / NASH, JUNE -- SECTION EIGHT: Attempts at Liberation Anthropology -- On the Participant Study of Women's Movements: Methodological, Definitional and Action Considerations / OMVEDT, GAIL -- Research-Through-Action: Some Practical Experiences with Peasant Organization / HUIZER, GERRIT -- Anthropology of the Multinational Corporation / NASH, JUNE -- Nationalism, Race-Class Consciousness, Action Research on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea / MAMAK, ALEXANDER F. -- Research from Within and from Below: Reversing the Machinery / GEDICKS, AL -- APPENDIX: Foundations on the Move -- Foundations on the Move -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Februar 1979
Maße 238 mm x 164 mm x 43 mm
Gewicht 991 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027977502
Auflage Reprint 2011
Seiten 532