The New Division of Labour: Emerging Forms of Work Organisation in International Perspective

The New Division of Labour: Emerging Forms of Work Organisation in International Perspective

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von Tony Charles, Wolfgang Littek (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- Introduction / Littek, Wolfgang / Charles, Tony -- Part I. Basic Issues in the New Division of Labour -- Introduction to Part 1 -- Chapter 1: Trust as a Basis of Work Organisation / Heisig, Ulrich / Littek, Wolfgang -- Chapter 2: Meta-Corporations and Open Labour Markets: Some Consequences of the Reintegration of Conception and Execution in a Volatile Economy / Sabel, Charles -- Chapter 3: New Production Concepts and the Restructuring of Work / Schumann, Michael / Baethge-Kinsky, Volker / Kuhlmann, Martin / Kurz, Constanze / Neumann, Uwe -- Chapter 4: Gender and Technology: An Appraisal of the Labour Process Debate / Webster, Juliet -- Chapter 5: Globalisation, New Production Systems and the Spatial Division of Labour / Gordon, Richard -- Chapter 6: Continuities and Discontinuities in the Sociology of the Division of Labour / Bögenhold, Dieter -- Part II. The New Division of Labour in Comparative Perspective -- Introduction to Part II -- Chapter 7: The New Division of Labour in Europe / Charles, Tony -- Chapter 8: The Changing Face of Service Work in European Countries / Mok, Albert L. / Geldof, Dirk -- Chapter 9: New Technologies and Post-Taylorist Regulation Models: Production Planning Systems in French, Italian, and German Enterprises / Dubois, Pierre / Heidenreich, Martin / La Rosa, Michele / Schmidt, Gert -- Chapter 10: The Social Foundations of Technical Innovation:Engineers in the Division of Labour in France and Japan / Maurice, Marc -- Chapter 11: Lean Production in Japan: Myth and Reality / Jürgens, Ulrich -- Part III. Case Studies on the New Division of Labour -- Introduction to Part III -- Chapter 12: Taylorism Never Got Hold of Skilled White-Collar Work in Germany / Littek, Wolfgang / Heisig, Ulrich -- Chapter 13: Innovation, Employment Systems and Division of Labour: An Analysis of the Canadian Banking Sector / Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle -- Chapter 14: Office Work, Gender and Technological Change: The Portuguese Case / Ferreira, Virginia -- Chapter 15: The Division of Labour between Centre and Periphery in Industrial Networks: The Case of Galicia, Spain / Hoss, Dietrich / Herranz, Roberto -- Chapter 16: Frictions in the New Division of Labour: Cooperation between Producers and Suppliers in the German Automobile Industry / Endres, Egon / Wehner, Theo -- Chapter 17: Technological Change and Work Relations in the British Coal Mining Industry / Tomaney, John / Winterton, Jonathan -- Chapter 18: Job Redesign at Finnish Shipyards — Causes and Consequences / Niemelä, Jukka / Leimu, Heikki -- Notes on Contributors

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