The Land of 9,999 Lakes

The Land of 9,999 Lakes

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von Zubin J. Shroff


FROM THE BACK COVER The US state of Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes. So when Alexander and Alexandra Anderson decide to fill in their backyard lake, it unleashes a wave of emotion that shakes the town, the state, and eventually the nation itself. But all big things start as small things, and the story of the Alex Andersons of Edina, Minnesota, is no different. They are native Minnesotans (which means they are of Swedish descent), and they get married soon after college. Children do not arrive in the first few years, and as our two Alexes grow up, it starts to become quite clear that while the husband Alex wants children, the wife Alex is a high-powered Lutheran lawyer and she wants none. And this little bit of tension is the starting point for what is a funny and heartwarming (but mostly absurd) look at love, marriage, neighbors, and how the ripples from a tiny pebble dropped in a Minnesota lake can cause a flutter in a Swedish butterfly's wings (or something like that...). ABOUT THE AUTHOR Zubin J. Shroff was born in 1975 in Bombay, and was raised in India. He was educated at the Cathedral School in Mumbai, Lawrence University in Wisconsin, and Columbia University in New York City. He currently lives in Minnesota, and is always writing his next novel.

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