The effects of user mobility: on the performance of wireless networks

The effects of user mobility: on the performance of wireless networks

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von Sándor Szabó


Mobile communication is an integrated part of our daily lives. It surrounds us, and provides a ubiquitous communication channel even for the most demanding multimedia services. The focus of mobile communication shifts from voice to mobile broadband data services. Mobile operators are introducing novel techniques, such as High Speed Packet Data (HSXPA) and UMTS LTE (Long Term Evolution), to serve more traffic on the radio interface. Radio cells are also getting smaller, so mobile operators can achieve higher level of spatial reuse of the radio channels, too. Besides transmission speed, the quality of the connection is also a very important aspect, which might turn the balance in the competition among operators. The topic of my dissertation is finding the right balance between the quantity and the quality in mobile networks, by focusing on three main aspects: 1.) Tracking mobile user movements in cellular mobile wireless networks, 2.) A Ring based Call Admission Control algorithm and Ring Based Mobility management algorithm, 3.) The performance evaluation of Anycast Based Micro-mobility Management

Tags: Technik, Elektronik, Elektrotechnik, Nachrichtentechnik

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