The Association of Catholic Priests The  Society of St.Peter and Paul

The Association of Catholic Priests The Society of St.Peter and Paul

Taschenbuch - 9783845416892
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von Rt. Rev. Daniel W Kasomo


Society of Apostolic Life is different from Prelature or Ordinariate.A Society of Apostolic life is a group of men or women within the Catholic Church who have come together for a specific purpose.This type of organisation is defined in the Code of Canon Law under canons 731-755.Clerics of a society of apostolic life are usually incardinated into the Society.Members of a Society of Apostolic Life are allowed to own property.Canon Law speaks of such societies as being comparable to institutes of consecrated life.St.Philip Neri can be considered the father of Societies of Apostolic Life.Society of Apostolic life has the advantage of allowing the insertion of lay people into the clerical Society of Apostolic life for example,cooperating Brothers and Sisters.According to the Code of Canon Law this Society enjoys full autonomy,can form its members,can incardinate clerics.The Society can be international in ambition.The Society of St.Peter and Paul based in Kenya believe we have a contribution to make to the Church through our society.The contribution will improve the lives of our priests and ultimately improve the Church in the way St.Francis of Assisi did.The book is good to all of us

Tags: Religion, Theologie, Christentum

Taschenbuch - 9783845416892
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